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Paintball Gun Review helps you choose from hundreds of paintball markers (guns). We give you a short list to make selecting your paintball marker easy.


Paintball Gun Review digests the reviews from many players, and extracts the strengths and weaknesses of each gun, mask, hopper, or other paintball gear.

Now you can get into the fun and exciting sport of paintballing, knowing that you won't be wasting your money!

All paintball guns listed below have been reviewed by various players for value.  These paintball guns are good choices; markers with significant problems have been excluded.

Most paintball markers under $300 or $400 have junk stock parts and require upgrades for good results.

With few exceptions (e.g. the Tippmann A5), if you want rates of fire above about 10 BPS (balls per second), you should budget for an electric paintball hopper.

Paintball guns that actually shoot 20 BPS and above and never chop paintballs, have excellent accuracy and gas efficiency, will cost anywhere from $600 to $1500. We will look at these in the future; currently we look at guns under $300.

Types of player
Players usually fall into two categories: recreational and tournament players. Tournament players take the game seriously, investing over $2,000 in paintball gear. They also attend tournaments in teams of 3-10 people. A common tournament team game is "Speedball", where players play on an enclosed field with a single central flag and hide behind small scattered walls and barrels. A top of the line paintball marker can cost $700 - $2,000. A recreational marker can however be purchased for $50 to $300.

Paintball tips for buying a marker

Avoid the cheap paintball guns, they really have problems (except the selected ones below).

Learn What to look for in a gun.

Suggested Markers
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Beginner or Low-End Markers, $50 - $99
Most guns at this price are junk, but the ones below are selected for value

Lower Mid-Range Markers, $100 to $160
Most guns in this price range have problems; the ones below have very few

Higher Mid-Range Markers, $185- $285
Guns at this price show signs of quality; the ones below have it
M3 Black Dragun Compact Paintball Gun

M3 Black Dragun Compact
Electronic Marker 15BPS
Street price: $99
Fast, reliable, and accurate, but LOUD and not waterproof. Good starter or backup gun, players liked this gun.
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32 Degrees Icon-E

32 Degrees Icon-E
Electronic Marker 13BPS

Street price: $150

A tossup with the Tippmann Custom 98, the Icon-E seems to have fewer negatives
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Kingman Spyder electra ACS paintball marker

Kingman Spyder Electra ACS
Electronic Marker 20+BPS
Street price: $265
A tossup with the Smart Parts Ion and Diablo Wrath. Fast 20+ BPS, doesn't chop paintballs, and durable. No real weaknesses reported.
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Viewloader Orion

Viewloader Orion
Mechanical Marker 5-7BPS

Street price: $60
A good beginners gun, doesn't chop balls
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Tippmann Custom 98

Tippmann Custom 98
Mechanical Marker 11BPS
Street price: $150
Known to be tough & reliable, performs without the complexity of electronics

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Smart Parts Ion Paintball Marker Review

Smart Parts Ion
Electronic Marker 17BPS
Street price: $285
A tossup with the Kingman Spyder Electra and Diablo Wrath. Small profile, light, accurate, quiet, doesn't chop paintballs, not field strippable, sloppy trigger

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Kingman Spyder Victor II

Kingman Spyder Victor II
Mechanical Marker 8BPS

Street price: $60
Another good choice if you prefer Spyders, but it is LOUD

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Kingman Spyder Rodeo
Kingman Spyder Rodeo
Mechanical Marker 8-10BPS

Street price: $150

Has none of the negatives of the Tippman Custom 98, and no complex electronics to fail
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Diablo Wrath
Electronic Marker 20BPS
Street price: $275
A tossup with the Kingman Spyder Electra and Smart Parts Ion. Fast, accurate, doesn't chop paintballs, fast field strip, sloppy trigger.

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Zap Amp Transformer

Zap Amp Transformer
Electronic Marker 10BPS
Street price: $80
If you want an inexpensive electronic marker, here it is

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Kingman Spyder TL-X

Kingman Spyder TL-X
Mechanical Marker 5-6BPS
Street price: $120
For reliability on a budget
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Kingman Spyder Pilot

Kingman Spyder Pilot
Electronic Marker 14BPS
Street price: $250
A tossup with the Tippmann A-5 and Fenix

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Diablo Sabotage Vertical Paintball Gun

Diablo Sabotage Vertical

Mechanical Marker 6BPS
Street price: $50
A good cheap paintball gun, but it is LOUD
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Diablo Inferno Heat
Mechanical Marker 7BPS
Street price: $139
Solid, reliable, accurate, players like this gun. Loud.
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Tippmann A-5

Tippmann A-5
Mechanical Marker 10-15BPS (18+ w/e-grip)
Street price: $250
Tough & reliable, no need to tweak or adjust, has Cyclone hopper

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Kingman Spyder Fenix

Kingman Spyder Fenix
Electronic Marker 14BPS
Street price: $270
A quality electronic marker

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Tippmann Pro-Carbine Paintball Gun Review

Tippmann Pro-Carbine
Mechanical Marker 7-9BPS
Street price: $219
A rugged and reliable beginners gun, has the feel of a rifle. Trigger issues can be dealt with.
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Recommended Sources

All the products reviewed on this site are available from one or more of the following:

They handle a lot of good equitment; its worth taking a look.

Paintball Guns at
Find a large selection to choose from at

Online Sports
The oldest and largest sports catalog on the internet, a large selection to choose from. Use their search box; enter "paintball gun", "paintball hopper", or whatever you are looking for.


 Online Sports - Guns
The oldest and largest sports catalog on the internet, a large selection of markers to choose from.


All Paintball Gun Reviews

32 Degrees Icon E  (Electronic, 13bps, $150)
32 Degrees Icon LED  (Electronic, 13bps, $150)
32 Degrees Icon Z  (Mechanical, $90)

Brass Eagle Marauder  ($50)

Diablo Inferno Heat  (Mechanical, 7bps, $139)
Diablo Mongoose  ($190)
Diablo Sabotage Vertical  ($50)
Diablo Wrath  (Electronic, 20BPS, $275)
     A fast, accurate, outstanding marker, doesn't chop paint, a  pleasure to shoot and clean. The trigger has some slop to it.

JT USA Tetra  ($190)

Kingman Spyder E-99 Avant  ($190)
Kingman Spyder Electra ACS  (Electronic, 20+bps, $265)
     This is an excellent gun, fast 20+ BPS, doesn't chop paintballs, and durable. No real weaknesses reported.
Kingman Spyder Fenix  (Electronic, 13BPS, $270)
     Easy field stripping, gas efficient, doesn't chop paintballs, light, durable. Flimsy bulging grips can let paint and debris in. Excellent gun.

Kingman Spyder Imagine  ($160)
Kingman Spyder Imagine Select  ($185)
Kingman Spyder Pilot  ($250)
Kingman Spyder Rodeo  ($150)
Kingman Spyder TL-X  ($120)
Kingman Spyder Victor II  ($60)
Kingman Spyder Xtra  ($100)

M3 Black Dragun Compact  (Electronic, 15bps, $99)
    Fast, reliable, and accurate, but loud and not waterproof. No real problems, players liked this gun. Great backup or starter gun.

Psycho Ballistics Silver Bullet  (Electronic, 13bps, $210)
     Too many reliability problems were reported.

Psycho Ballistics Silver Bullet LCD  (Electronic, 20bps, $230)
     Players liked this gun, especially for its full-auto fast speed, but it didn't make our short list.

PMI Piranha Eforce GTI  ($130)
PMI Piranha Eforce R6  ($120)

Smart Parts Ion  (Electronic, 17bps, $285)
     Reliable, small profile, light, accurate, quiet, doesn't chop paint, fast 17 BPS, not field strippable, sloppy trigger. Hard to beat for the price.

Tippmann A-5  (mechanical, 10-15bps (18+ w/e-grip), $250)
     Cyclone feed (no hopper needed), durable and reliable, good for rough all weather use. Fast field strip, a gas guzzler.

Tippmann Custom 98  (mechanical, 11bps, $150)
     Accurate, rugged, reliable, highly upgradeable, hard to strip and clean, a gas hog. 
Tippmann Pro-Carbine  (mechanical, 7 - 9 bps, $219)
     Rugged, reliable, and gas efficient. Feels like a rifle. Trigger pull is heavy and long, but fixable. A good choice.

Viewloader Orion  ($60)
Viewloader Prodigy E-Grip  ($150)
Viewloader Pro Series Maxis  ($100)
Viewloader Pro Series Maxis RG  ($219)

Zap Amp Generator  ($110)
Zap Amp Reactor  ($140)
Zap Amp Transformer  ($80)


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