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Autocockers are in a class of their own.

The term "autococker" is used to describe a special type of paintball gun, different from most other guns including the more common Spyders. The difference is in how the gun is automatically cocked after each shot.

Whereas most other guns use some of the firing gasses to recock the gun, an autococker uses inlet gas passed through special control valves to drive a piston to recock the gun. The cocking and firing mechanism of an autococker is described at

Autocockers are valued for their precision, craftmanship, and when the timing is properly adjusted, their consistency. They are in a class above other conventional markers, and generally cost above $400.

The autococker is a closed bolt gun that you can purchase ready made, or you can customize to the point that every part is individually selected. You can buy parts from various sources.

By building your own marker, your familiarity gives you the experience and ability to make any repair as necessary that comes up.


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