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Dye Boomstick Paintball Barrel Review

Dye Boomstick Paintball Barrel Review
 Boomstick Paintball Barrel
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The Dye Boomstick paintball barrel is the flagship of the Dye barrel line. This is the most widely desired and copied barrel in the paintball industry. The Boomstick is built from gun drilled surgical grade 303 stainless steel and an aircraft grade 6061 T6 aluminum. All Dye barrels are honed to a 6 micron surface finish, giving you the smoothest and straightest barrel surface on the market. The precision fit of the aluminum front combined with the stainless steel back provides one of the best shooting barrels in the world. The Boomstick is the most common barrel used by professional players worldwide. Available in 12", 14", 16", and 18".

Summary: The Boomstick is a professional tournament grade barrel. Extremely accurate, fairly quiet, and rugged, but there was disagreement over its self-cleaning ability.


When you read a barrel's reviews, patterns can be seen. The following points have been compiled from various Dye reviews.

From  25 of 373 reviews:


• The Boomstick is extremely accurate with a good paint match. The Smart Parts Freak, in comparison, gives you more bore sizes but not more accuracy.

• This Dye is fairly quiet.

• The Boomstick is a solid reliable barrel that can stand up to abuse, and doesn't even scratch.

• $155


• See comments.


• There was a lot of religious fervor and biased opinion about the Dye Boomstick, more than any other item reviewed on this site. No one doubted it was an excellent barrel, some thought the best barrel on the market, but many thought the Boomstick was pricey. Players suggested that the J&J Ceramic, and other barrels including the Lapco Big Shot, Smart Parts AA, Smart Parts Teardrop, and Dye Ultra Lite performed about as well for less cost.

• There was no agreement on the question of self-cleaning. Some players complained that if you break a ball in the Boomstick, it is hard to clean the paint out of the ports. A squeegee is needed to restore accuracy almost back to before the break occurred. Two players suggested that there is no problem with cleaning a break; just invert your gun and dry-fire.  One player suggested you use a bit of Rain-X. Another player stated that in 10 shots (1 second), this Dye barrel is back to 85% of normal accuracy, and compared it to a Freak that retains only 65% accuracy and needs to be washed with water. It is apparent that the Boomstick would not have been accepted as the standard for tournament play if the self-cleaning ability was lacking. You don't have much time to squeegee a barrel during a tournament.

• This Dye barrel is a bit heavy because of the stainless steel back, but some players liked it heavier. If this is an issue, go with the Dye Titanium Boomstick, a light titanium version of the Boomstick. Also consider the Dye Ultra Lite made from aluminum.

• The Dye name was one reason for buying the barrel. The Boomstick has come to define tournament level accuracy, and is known as the symbol of a person that wants to shoot the very best.

• One player suggested that if can afford a high-end marker, you can afford to buy the Dye; otherwise consider one of the all aluminum barrel kits.

• Players suggested paint: Evil,  RPS Allstar, RPS Marballizer.

• Players liked the looks of the Boomstick.

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