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Dye Ultralite Paintball Barrel Review

Dye Ultra Lite Paintball Barrel Review
Ultralite Paintball Barrel
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The Dye Ultralite paintball barrel reviewed here is all aluminum, and anodized to match any gun. Comes in, 10, 12", 14", 16", and 18" for Spyders, Autococker, Angel, Impulse, Model 98, A-5, and Shocker. Available in Red, blue, clear, and black. Available as a one piece, or a two piece front and back.

Summary: The Ultralite is an extremely accurate and light barrel that doesn't break paint, is self cleaning and easy to clean. Players liked this barrel.


When you read a barrel's reviews, patterns can be seen. The following points have been compiled from various Dye reviews.

From 25 of 107 reviews:


• The Dye ultralight is extremely accurate.

• The Ultralite doesn't break paintballs.

• The Ultralite is ultra light.

• If you break a ball, a quick swab will restore the accuracy of the Ultra Lite.

• The Dye Ultra Lite is Quiet.

• Only two players commented on the Ultra Lite's self cleaning ability (all 107 reviews were searched for the word "self"); one player said it did so in 5-6 shots, the other player said 2 shots. Since there were no other comments it must not have been a problem.

• $90


• The Dye Ultralite scratches and dents easily, but then it is made of aluminum.


• One player thought the Ultra Lite was the best barrel he has ever used. Two players said it was as good as the Dye Boomstick, only lighter. Two players thought it was just like the Boomstick, only made from aluminum. Yet another said that the Dye Ultra Lite was the most accurate he had ever used, and another said the lightest he had ever used.

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