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Empire 4 Piece Barrel Kit Review

Empire 4 Piece Barrel Kit
4 Piece Barrel Kit
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The Empire 4 Piece Barrel Kit is a 14" barrel with one front section, and 3 replaceable backs to match smaller, normal, and larger paint sizes. Comes in black.  Fits Spyder, Autococker, Automag, Model 98, A-5, and Impulse thread patterns. All backs are 7".

Summary: This is a good barrel kit to replace your original stock barrel. It is quiet, accurate, lightweight, and shoots well. Uncertain self cleaning. It provides more versatility since the 3 backs match most types of paint.


When you read a barrel's reviews, patterns can be seen.  The following points have been compiled from various Empire reviews.

From 20 reviews:


• The Empire barrel shoots well (with the appropriate paint)

• The 4 piece barrel is lightweight.

• This Empire has a good barrel to bore match.

• The barrel makes a good compromise, providing enough barrels to match smaller, normal, and larger paintball sizes without having to match every diameter such as the Freak.

• This 4 Piece has good accuracy and range.

• This barrel is quiet; the extensive porting reduces the shot noise to more of a drawn-out hiss.

• The Empire barrel has good quality construction, though several players reported visible flaws.

• $100, half the price of a Smart Parts Freak.


• Only comes with one 14" tip. One player wanted 10" for hard-bunker speedball, and 16" for airball.

• Several players reported ball breaks.


• This Empire 4 Piece comes in an excellent heavy duty nylon case with thick foam padding.

• Some of the first people to buy this kit had quality control problems, which have been fixed.

• The bore size is stamped on each back.

• One player thought the 4 Piece was the 2nd best upgrade for the Tippmann A5; the E-Grip was best for him.

• A lot of players thought it shoots through breaks pretty well, but some thought it didn't, so bring a squeegee.

• Some players liked this Empire better than the more expensive Freak, while others liked the Freak better.

• One player suggested you run some windshield wiper fluid through your barrel to make it shoot through breaks.

• Several players thought the Empire barrel was good looking.


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