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Empire Twister Paintball Barrel Review

Twister Paintball Barrel
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The Empire Twister paintball barrel showcases a unique design that creates a spin on the ball as it leaves the barrel for more predictable ball trajectory. Made from polished 6061 composite g-aluminum. Comes in lengths of either 12", 14", or 16". Works on Spyders, Tippmann 98 and A5, Autococker, and Angel threads.

Summary: The Twister is very quiet, and rifling makes it an extremely accurate barrel that amazed players. It doesn't break paintballs, but if you break one it is not much self cleaning and hard to clean.


When you read a barrel's reviews, patterns can be seen.  The following points have been compiled from various Empire reviews.

From  25 of 85 reviews:


• This Empire barrel is extremely accurate, and amazed many players. The rifling causes consistent placement at long distances, and increases the effective range.

• The Twister is extremely quiet.

• This barrel doesn't break paintballs. One player shot 5,000 rounds without a break.

• Several reported that accuracy wasn't affected by wind.

• $70


• The Empire is not much self cleaning. It will eventually clear after 25 balls. You can try dry-firing.

• If you get a break (due to a chop, etc.), it is hard to clean. You may as well kiss that game good bye. The squeegee won't go smoothly over the twisted part of the barrel. One player suggested using a cable squeegee with foam disks. Another suggested using squeegees made of all cotton.


• The Empire barrel has rifling that makes it very accurate. It causes the ball to curve to the right a bit at long distance, but the curve is consistent every time.

• The black non-reflective barrel is hard to see.

• The 12" barrel isn't as accurate as the 14", and 16" is too long and gets in the way.

• The barrel is good looking. A lot of players complained that the Empire logo (which looks like a spider) is not centered; this is a cosmetic issue.

• Paintballs recommended by players: Evil, 32 Degrees Team Colors, Draxxus Midnight, PMI Premiums.

• One player thought the Twister was a lot quieter than the 32 Degrees Quiet Riot.

• This Empire barrel is good for woodsball because it is so quiet.


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