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J&J Ceramic Barrel Review

J&J Ceramic Paintball Barrel Review
Ceramic Barrel
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The J&J Ceramic paintball marker barrel is constructed from 6061 T6 aluminum with a hard ceramic and Teflon® impregnated coating to reduce friction and induce a self-cleaning method. This barrel is designed to be fast, lightweight, quiet, and accurate for top performance. Available in 12" and 14" for most guns.

Summary:  The Ceramic is quiet, self cleaning, easy to clean, light, and accurate, an excellent barrel that rivals more expensive ones such as the Dye boomstick.


When you read a barrel's reviews, patterns can be seen.  The following points have been compiled from various J&J reviews.

From 25 of 545 reviews:


• This J and J barrel is super quiet.

• This barrel self cleans.

• The Ceramic is dependable and accurate, with consistent performance.

• The J&J is easy to clean, even though it has ports.

• Inexpensive: $45


• The barrel can come lose if it has no O-ring.

• The J&J feels fragile, even though it is not. One player reported it is made from a bendable metal, so be careful when unscrewing it.


• A  longer barrel is quieter than a shorter, but shorter barrels are more maneuverable. If you are a front player who tends to bunker a lot, 8" or 12" is a bit better. If you do sniping, choose 16", but this length gets in the way of moving. 14" was suggested as the all around best length. The length did not affect the accuracy.

• One player measured 3" groupings with the Ceramic at 50'; the Dye Boomstick gave 6" groupings.

• One player compared a 14" J&J to a 14" Dye Boomstick. The Ceramic had 10" unported acceleration length; the Boomstick had 7", which is less gas efficient. The J&J weighs less than half of the Boomstick. He found the J&J more accurate than the Boomstick, but gave no numbers. The Ceramic is a medium bore barrel which is tolerant of more paint, which is on the tight side for the Boomstick. When he broke paint on the Boomstick, it became a sticky mess with lots of ports to clean requiring barrel removal. He did not have experience with paint breaking in the Ceramic, but it is said to be self-cleaning. Neither barrel broke much paint, but the J&J with a larger bore seems to break paint less.

• Some recommended paintballs for this barrel: Diablo, Evil Midevil, PMI Premium.

There was concern that the Ceramic would be easy to break. The barrel is made of aluminum, with an internal ceramic coating. There were no reports of an actual break. If you throw your gun around, you might experience a break, but if you treat it with care you should have no problem.

Some J&J barrels came with an O-ring; others didn't. Those with the O-ring were very difficult to remove for some. Those without the O-ring, the barrel would come lose. You can get an O-ring at your local hardware store.

One player suggested if you put a drop or two of paintball oil and swab it before play, it improves performance enough to tell.

Players liked the looks of this barrel.

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