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JT USA Two Piece Paintball Barrel Review

JT USA Two Piece Paintball Barrel
Two Piece Barrel
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The JT USA Two Piece paintball barrel tip comes in aluminum, and the back comes in aluminum or stainless steel. This allows the accuracy of stainless steel, and the lightness of aluminum. Various back sizes are available: .686, .688, and .690. Tips come in black, blue, and red in 10", 12", 14", and 16". You can match your bore size to your paint, and choose your preferred barrel length. Available for Spyders, Rebels, Angel, Autococker, and Model 98.

Summary:  The Two Piece is very accurate, consistent, very quiet, self-cleaning, and doesn't break paintballs, but uncertain ease to clean. Boomstick performance, players liked this barrel.


When you read a barrel's reviews, patterns can be seen.  The following points have been compiled from various JT USA reviews.

From 25 of 69 reviews:


• This JT barrel is very accurate and consistent.

• Three players reported the Two Piece is self cleaning after a few shots, while another said it regains accuracy after a quick squeegee, even if there is slime left in the barrel.

• The Two Piece doesn't break paintballs.

• This JT USA barrel is very quiet.

• Aluminum back $60; Stainless Steel back $70; Aluminum tip $40.


• Backs larger than .690 are not available. Since the cheaper paintballs generally come in .692 or larger bore sizes, you can't use them with the Two Piece.


• A stainless steel back allows you to shoot through breaks better than aluminum, and holds a hone longer.

• Some players thought the JT was easy to clean, some thought hard. The ports are hard to clean without water. Suggest turning the marker upside down, and dry firing while covering the barrel with your hand.

• Stainless steel is heavier, which moves the gun balance forward.

• This JT USA barrel is very well made. The back and front fit together perfectly. Good fit and finish.

• One player thought the Two Piece aluminum was lighter than the Dye Ultralite. With the stainless steel back, it can be heavy.

• Two players thought that JT USA should spread out the bore sizes to something like .683 .687 and .691 to cover more ground.

• Two players thought this barrel performed almost the same as the Dye Boomstick but a lot cheaper. One thought it was better than the Boomstick, even though every one thinks the Boomstick is the best.

• One player thought the JT USA 14" traveled relatively flatter and longer than the 10" and 12".

• Suggested paintballs: DraXxus Dusk or DraXxus Midnight.

• Players liked this barrel.

• Players liked the looks of the Two Piece.

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