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Powerlyte Stainless Paintball Barrel Review

Powerlyte Stainless Paintball Barrel Review
Stainless Barrel
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The Powerlyte Stainless paintball barrel uses side by side porting to make every shot quiet, reduce ball spin, and stabilize the ball and reduce turbulence.  Each barrel is mirror honed using a multi-step honing process.The tips can be removed and changed. Available for Spyders, Autococker, Impulse, Shocker, Model 98, A5, and B2K in 12", 14", and 16" lengths.

Summary:  The Stainless yields amazing performance, unsurpassed accuracy, very quiet, amazing consistency, doesn't break paintballs, self cleaning, easy to clean. The highest praised barrel on this site.


When you read a barrel's reviews, patterns can be seen.  The following points have been compiled from various Powerlyte reviews.

From 16 of 16 reviews:


• The Powerlyte is accurate; one player said that this barrel had unmatched, untouchable, and unbelievable accuracy. Another said it was precise. Other comments: Unreal accuracy. ... Crazy, better than I could have believed. ... Blew the Boomstick out of the water.

• The Stainless is very quiet, almost silent.

• This Powerlyte barrel is remarkably and amazingly consistent.

• The Stainless is self cleaning in about four or five shots (one player said six to ten) to almost normal accuracy.

• The Powerlyte barrel is sturdy and of high quality, with top notch finish and perfect anodizing. The machining of the tip and back are of high quality, made beautifully.

• The Stainless is gas efficient.

• The barrel is easy to clean; just one or two squeegees and you are good to go.

• The Power Lyte doesn't break paintballs.

• $90



• One player said he saw players throw a Dye Boomstick to kids telling them to keep it, after they got the Powerlyte; it was that good.

• One player thought the barrel was heavy, the line up isn't exact. Another thought it was really light, lighter than the Dye Boomstick.

• Suggested paintballs by a lot of players: RPS Marballizer.

• Unless there were a lot of trolls paid to write these reviews, this Powerlyte was the highest praised of all barrels reviewed on this site. Considering that the Powerlyte Aluminum has the same design as the Powerlyte Stainless, we should expect similar performance reviews. The Aluminum was well regarded though not as gushing, which suggests that these reviews are honest.

• Players liked the looks of the Stainless.

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