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Psycho Ballistics Aradus Adjustable ID Paintball Barrel Review

Psycho Ballistics Aradus Paintball Barrel
 Aradus Adjustable ID Paintball Barrel
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The Aradus is the most sophisticated barrel ever designed with a collapsible inner sleeve that features a straight rifle system that will prevent unwanted non linear spin on the ball. With its twist and click sizing system, you can change the size of the bore on the fly. No more changing sleeves. The bore of this single barrel can be adjusted by simply twisting and clicking the barrel into one of it's 5 settings (.676, .680, .684, .688, and .692). The barrel has been tested to the marker it was made for and a custom tailored length was designed for that marker.

Summary: The Psycho Ballistics Aradus adjustable ID paintball barrel allows matching different size paints with a twist of the barrel. A radical idea; some loved it, others didn't. Very accurate, somewhat quiet, doesn't break paintballs, probably self-cleaning, hard to clean, a gas hog. As good as the Smart Parts Freak Kit at half the price.


When you read a barrel's reviews, patterns can be seen. The following points have been compiled from various Psycho Ballistics reviews.

From  26 of 26 reviews:


• There was no dispute that the Aradus is very accurate and consistent, equally as accurate as the Freak Kit.

• This Psycho Ballistics barrel is somewhat quiet.

• The Aradus doesn't break paintballs.

• Several players noted the quality of Psychoballistics manufacture and the precision machining, but one or two players noted it made noise (parts rattling or moving inside).

• One player noted it is self-cleaning, shoots through breaks very well. Surprisingly, there were no other comments on this, so it probably isn't a problem.

• The Aradus is light weight.

• $99.


• Psychoballistics sealed the tips with Lock Tite making it difficult to interchange tips.

• The Aradus is a gas hog due to the design; as the inner sleeve expands to accommodate larger balls, it allows gas to escape around the ball. Two players had the experience of setting the marker to 290 fps with a normal barrel. Upon installing the Aradus, the speed dropped to 260 fps, so you have to crank up the gun to get normal speeds. You can lose 10 to 70 shots per tank. Another player noted that he lost about 10-12 shots per tank, and that is not very many.

• Two players noted that it is hard to clean thoroughly. The sizing cylinder can get jammed from the dried paint. However, another player had the Aradus for over a year and never broke a ball, and never experienced it jamming.

• One player noted it is easily scratched.


• One player stated that you have to make sure you get ver 1.1 or it tends to break paint and lose velocity.

• This barrel is made with Spyder threads; adapters are used to fit other markers.

•  One player suggested that if you use Diablos, RPS, or other good quality paint, it'll give killer performance.

•  Psycho Ballistics produces this barrel for Ronin Gear who calls it the Katana.

• The early production versions do not have the Tournament Locking Wheel.

• Several players thought the adjustable bore was a good idea, but the Aradus just wasn't there. Others were totally sold on it. That can perhaps be expected with such a radical idea.

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