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Smart Parts Freak Paintball Barrel Kit Review

 Freak Paintball Barrel Kit
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The Smart Parts Freak paintball barrel kit is designed to fit any paint. There are eight different full length inserts (.679, .682, .684, .687, .689, .691, .693, .695) for the back of the barrel to accommodate virtually any bore size paint. You can purchase the whole kit (Freak Deluxe Barrel Kit), or you can purchase the inserts individually. You can also choose from 4 different lengths, and assorted colored fronts. Splash colors will be available in Winter 2000. The barrel comes with one insert. Standard bore sizes are listed as follows: Automag, Spyder, Tippmann '98 - Standard bore .693 (Gold Freak Insert) Autococker, Shocker, Impulse, Angel - Standard bore .689 (Blue Freak Insert)

Summary: The Freak allows easy matching of paint to bore so you can shoot any paint whether cheap or expensive. Accurate, quiet, and self-cleaning, but cleaning can be a pain.


When you read a barrel's reviews, patterns can be seen. The following points have been compiled from various Smart Parts reviews.

From  25 of 306 reviews:


• Reports about Freak accuracy varied from ultra accurate, to fairly accurate.

• This Smart Parts barrel is fairly quiet.

• The Freak is self cleaning; after a break, it takes about 5 shots to restore accuracy.

• $240


• Cleaning a paintball break can be a pain. You have to take the Freak all apart to get it fully clean. It is difficult to squeegee the barrel clean without removing it. One player suggested you run hot water inside the barrel and paint will run out. Dry the insides with a soft cloth and clean the ports with a tooth pick surrounded by cloth. Lubricate the barrel with a barrel cleaner or gun oil (such as Cobra Snake Oil); this will prevent corrosion.

• Two players reported that the Smart Parts aluminum inserts will start to wear after continual use.

• One player thought that the Freak's inserts did not always align perfectly with the fronts and backs, leaving a gap.

• A lot of players report that the inserts are thin, delicate, and bend easily. There was never an explanation how they can be bent while inside the barrel, and the carry case protects them outside.


• To match your paint to the bore, put a ball in and blow. If the ball is too tight or conversely rolls out, choose another bore. The carry case makes it easy to lug the bores around. If you have a different gun, buy a back (from Smart Parts) to match the threads of that gun. You can change the length of the Freak by changing out the tip with other Smart Parts products such as the Teardrop, AA, etc.

• The inserts come in aluminum and stainless steel.

• The Freak will not improve on bad paint (egg shaped).

• One player suggested that if you get two Dye Boomsticks (.688 and .691) instead of a Freak, these would fit almost any paint you have.

• One player reports there is no difference between the stainless steel back, and the aluminum back. But the All American front is more accurate, while the Freak front is much quieter; however, another player saw no difference in accuracy between the two.

• One player suggested that if you are not going to buy the whole Small Parts kit, buy .689, .687, and .691 inserts. Another player suggested that if you use cheap paint, or live in hot weather, or both, you may want to pick up your bigger sized sleeves instead, namely .691, .693, and if you live in a hot humid place, .695 to be safe.

• One player explained that the inserts are 6" long (another player said 4") which only provides a 6" acceleration length, and the rest is muzzle break. This is less efficient than you might see with a less ported barrel, and is not the best bet for a super-low pressure marker. He preferred an 8" unported length and 2" muzzle break, like the Lapco barrel. He also found a standard barrel to have more fps consistency than a Freak with proper insert.

• If you have a lot of paintball guns, the Freak is very interchangeable.

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