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Smart Parts Teardrop Paintball Barrel Review

 Teardrop Paintball Barrel
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The Smart Parts Teardrop rifled barrels are available in many different lengths for almost all paintguns.


Summary: The Teardrop is quiet, light, accurate, and doesn't break paintballs, but it's not self-cleaning and you'll lose all accuracy with a break. A good barrel if your gun doesn't break paint. Players thought this barrel was the best in its price range. Much cheaper than the Smart Parts Freak or Dye Boomstick, with similar quality.


When you read a barrel's reviews, patterns can be seen. The following points have been compiled from various Smart Parts reviews.

From  25 of 441 reviews:


• This Smart Parts barrel is quiet and light.

• The Teardrop is very accurate.

• The Teardrop is durable and doesn't scratch.

• This barrel doesn't break paintballs.

• $50


• Not self cleaning. If your gun chops a paintball, you can expect extreme curves at 30 feet. You can't shoot through the break. A squeegee won't help because paint in the ports still remains and is responsible for the curving. It will help some if you turn the gun over, fire once to clear it, then cover the end of the barrel with your hand and dry fire to clear the ports. One player suggested using a toothpick (if you have time). Another suggested you run water into the barrel (at break time) and allow the paint to flow out the ports; then dry it well or your paint will curve.


• One player reported that shooting 1 shot at a time with Viewloader paintballs would produce a lot of curves and dives and various distance, while shooting  5 - 10 shots rapidly would be very accurate, hitting the same spot at 75 feet. The same test with RPS Super Swirls paintballs produced no curves or dives, and consistent distance, whether 1 shot or 10 rapidly. Many players responded to that review in agreement. He thought this Smart Parts barrel was the best in this price range.

• Some suggested good paintballs for the Teardrop: Diablo (Midnight, Blaze, Sheridan), and PMI Gold. Blaze paint is actually a little small for this barrel, but it still shoots awesome.

• The stickers on the side of the Smart Parts barrel are upside down, but can be removed with a knife and replaced right side up.

• Most players liked the looks of the Teardrop.

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