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Tippmann Flatline Paintball Barrel for A5 Review

Tippmann Flatline Paintball Barrel Review
Flatline Paintball Barrel for A5
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The Tippmann Flatline paintball barrel is  made exclusively for the 98 Custom, Model 98, and A-5. The Flatline Barrel System is the first production back spin barrel ever produced. The principle behind the system is Tippmann's newly designed slightly curved barrel, which applies centrifugal force to the ball, creating backspin. Not only does this system offer increased accuracy and distance but also offers flat trajectory for thick brush and canopy play. By minimizing trajectory of the ball and increasing accuracy, you increase the amount of targets which would ordinarily be out of range.

Summary: The Flatline paintball barrel for the A5 will add 100 feet to your shot by using backspin. Accurate, consistent, gas efficient, doesn't break paintballs, but not self-cleaning.


When you read a barrel's reviews, patterns can be seen. The following points have been compiled from various Tippmann reviews.

From 25 of 181 reviews:


(This review applies to the Flatline attached to an A5 marker)

• The claim to fame for this Tippmann barrel is its great distance; due to backspin it can add 100 feet of flat trajectory to your shot. See the Tippmann's trajectory here.

• The Flatline is very accurate, easy to aim, and consistent.

• Gas efficient, this Tippmann barrel consumes no more air than the J&J Ceramic.

• The Flatline does not break paintballs, provided you are using the right paint. Big diameter paint will not work.

• This barrel is not affected by wind any more than other barrels.

• This Tippmann barrel is not self-cleaning; you cannot shoot out the paint to clear this barrel of a break, but will need a squeegee.

• The Flatline can throw a curveball by turning the gun sideways.

• $105


• This Tippmann barrel is heavy. One player needed to use a 20 oz CO2 tank; anything smaller and the gun was too front-heavy. However, another player thought the extra weight balanced out the gun, and another player liked the extra weight.

• While quieter than the stock barrel, some say it is still loud; this barrel has no porting. A couple of players suggested you can open up the shroud and spray foam insulation into it to make it 30 to 50% quieter.


• One player did an extensive test, and found that the speed of the ball is very important to accuracy. At 285 fps he could hit a CD at 30 yards; but go up to 300 fps and he lost all accuracy. And accuracy decreased as he went down to 200 fps. Find out what speed works best for your gun, and keep it there. Another player suggested using a regulator because of the sensitivity to speed.

• Paint is everything with this barrel. The above player tested 27 different paints. RPS Marballizers were okay; Evil worked well. Big Ball was the best; he could place 7 out of 10 hits on a police man-size silhouette at 75 yards. Doing the same test with his J&J Ceramic barrel, he could only hit 2 out of 250 shots. His friend with an identical setup did not do well with Big Ball paintballs but preferred Evil, so find out what paint works the best for you.

• You will need to use smaller diameter paintballs. To select paint that will not break in the barrel, put it into the barrel and look through it. You should be able to see two half-moons of light on the sides of the paintball.

• One player suggested to be able to quickly remove the Flatline from your A5, buy three thumbscrews at your local hardware store (cadmium coated so they match the black gun) to replace the three bolts on the front of the A5. To remove the barrel, twist each thumbscrew two turns, rotate the barrel a quarter turn, and remove. The thumbscrews are reported to be 10-32 x 1".

• Do not use a Straight Shot to clean the Tippmann barrel, it will ruin the coarse coating. Use a battle swab.

• The Flatline can be installed upside down, so if you are playing on a course with a lot of trenches, the downward arc will let you get people in the head who think they are safe.

• The ball leaves the barrel and does not drop appreciably for about 100'.

• One player stated that the Flatline for the A5 is different from, and a lot better than, the Flatline for the 98C. 

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