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32 Degrees Icon-E Paintball Marker Review


Icon-E Paintball Marker
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The 32 Degrees Icon-E electronic paintball marker has semi, 3-burst, 6-burst, and full auto modes, fore grip with expansion chamber, custom vertical feed port, rear velocity adjustor with lock, custom sight rail with a beaver tail, and double finger trigger.  13 balls per second rate of fire.

Summary: The Icon-E is one of the best paintball guns in its price range. This gun is strong where it counts: Fast 13 BPS, accurate, no chop, reliable, easy to strip and maintain, and gas efficient. The only real weakness is the annoyance of changing dip switches to change firing modes while paintballing.


The following points have been compiled from various 32 Degrees reviews.  When you read a marker's reviews, patterns can be seen.

From 104 reviews:


• Never breaks paintballs even with a cheap hopper, though some report it is best to use an electric hopper for full auto; get the equipment.

• Fast 13 balls per second

• Accurate

• Not too loud

• This gun is gas efficient

• This 32 Degrees gun is reliable

• Easy to strip and maintain

• The Icon-E trigger can be modified if you like a hair trigger.

• Not a cheap paintball gun, the street price for the Icon-E: $150


• Many report it is an annoyance to change the dip switches of this gun to change your rate of fire while paintballing, but you can do it while in the middle of a game with your Allen wrench. Others have no problem with the switches. Auto mode is not allowed in some games, especially tournament games, so you won't need to change it.


• Some report this marker is not very accurate at long range with a stock barrel, but that is common for most markers under $300. A barrel upgrade as usual is suggested.

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