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Diablo Wrath Paintball Marker Review


Wrath Paintball Marker
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The Diablo Wrath is designed to deliver top level performance at a reasonable cost. With its 20 ball per second cycling rate, the Wrath is one of the fastest markers available at any price. The Vise Grip Feed Neck, Quik-Strip bolt, ergonomically designed vertical foregrip low pressure regulator, ported barrel and high speed air-ram operation are all features usually found only on much pricier markers or only through a great deal of after-market expense. LCD trigger frame with shot counter, timer & more. Other features include quick strip bolt, custom vertical clamp feed port, new style ball detent, adjustable double trigger with electronic safety, custom fade anodizing available, micro polished custom ported barrel, and dual beam break eyes.

Summary: The Wrath is a fast, accurate, outstanding marker, doesn't chop paint, a  pleasure to shoot and clean. The trigger has some slop to it.


When you read a marker's reviews, patterns can be seen.  The following points have been compiled from various Diablo marker reviews.

From many reviews:


• This Diablo marker has an accurate stock barrel.

• The Wrath has an eye and does not break paintballs, even black paintballs.

• While not a Cocker, this Diablo marker is not loud.

• The Wrath is light and compact.

• This markers regulator is awesome; one player reported consistent chronos of 281, 279, 285 FPS. It comes with a gauge.

• $275


• The trigger of the Wrath is a bit wobbly.

• The gun does not come with spare O-rings.

• The manual for this marker has no pictures or diagrams, it is not very descriptive. If you don't know the name of every part, the explanation does not make a lot of sense. You can see the manual at


• The Diablo's bolt is made from aluminum. One player said it wasn't horrible and slides pretty well, but recommended a delrin bolt.

• One player who shot both, compared the Smart Parts Ion with the Wrath: The Ion is a little slower, quieter, with less kick, and the bolt is much harder to get to. The Wrath has a user friendly LCD, quick-strip bolt, better stock barrel, and better quality (and not because of the Ion's composite). Both have break-beam eyes with pretty nice triggers, and are good values. Another player preferred the Ion's ramping effect, it's quieter, and has less kick, even though it is hard to clean and not very user friendly, but you will be happy with either gun. Another player said it takes 6 screws and one unthreading to get to the Ion's bolt - not that hard, but a pain to take apart on the field and you would miss a game. Ultimately, there was no consensus which was better, it was a personal preference.

• Will it run on CO2? Yes, but use an anti-siphon tube. Lots of players thought you should cap the gun at about 12 BPS if you use CO2, but this applies to any marker. Any faster and the regulator will freeze up, and excess rates of fire may destroy internal O-rings. You are better off using HPA; one player suggested a 45/3000 tank is inexpensive, $50 or $60 on Ebay.

• The barrel threads are Impulse. The Wrath is not a blow back design, but a spring return air ram design.

• According to one player, the clamping feed neck, while a nice touch, has a cheap feel to it. He would replace it with an Odyssey twist clamp.  The stock barrel is one of the best around, the usual Odyssey / Dragun type with Autococker threads. He ran the marker at 190 PSI to get 285 FPS, +/- 7 FPS with the stock regulator, not bad. He estimates 900 to 1,200 shots from a 68/3000 tank. He tried using a gravity feed hopper and did not chop a single ball. For the price, the gun is a steal for what you get.

• One player complained about  the small amount of space between the trigger and the guard.

• A Viewloader eVolution II ("egg") with Z-board was recommended as a good hopper. Another found the egg with Y-board worked great. The Halo B was also recommended. You can expect 16 - 17 BPS.

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