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Kingman Spyder Electra ACS '05 Paintball Marker Review


Spyder Electra ACS Paintball Marker
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The Kingman Spyder Electra ACS paintball marker features a delrin ACS (anti-chop system) venturi bolt to minimize ball breaks, a reactive response rocking trigger frame version 2.0 which fires up to 30 balls per second in semi-auto mode, a 12" Aero Twist accuracy barrel that puts a slight spin on the ball, CAMD (Color Access Mode Display) 3.0 electronic board with easy to read color display that supports semi-auto, 3-round burst, 6-round burst, and full auto firing modes, double ball detent, tournament lock switch, tournament velocity adjuster, drop forward, low pressure chamber, bottom line setup with stainless steel hose, top cocking bolt, deluxe quick disconnect pin, electronic safety mode, battery indicator, operates on CO2 or compressed air.

Summary: This is an excellent gun, fast 20+ BPS, doesn't chop paintballs, and durable. No real weaknesses reported.


The following points have been compiled from various Spyder Electra reviews. When you read a marker's reviews, patterns can be seen.

From 25 of 81 reviews:


• Rugged. One player dropped the marker on concrete without a scratch.

• Runs on CO2 or nitrogen.

• The Rocking Trigger Frame on the Electra ACS makes it easy to walk and achieve 15 BPS and above without much effort, though most players thought the maximum rate was around 20 BPS, not 30.

• The Kingman Electra does not chop balls if using a fast loader.

• One player thought the Electra was not heavy, though not as light as the Ion or Wrath.

• The stock feedneck of this paintball marker, while nothing fancy, fits most hoppers perfectly.



• Hard to see the Kingman Electra's mode display in daylight, but not a real problem.


• Players compared this gun to the Smart Parts Ion and Diablo Wrath. Most of the reviews were concerned with whether the Ion was better than the Electra. A lot of players use the Ion for good reason: it is a good gun. Electra users thought the Ion users were following the leader, when they could have bought a better gun. Some players said that the Ion was a high-end gun while the Electra was a low end one. The Ion and Wrath have an eye; the Electra does not. This means the Ion can't chop balls, while the Electra ACS (Anti-Chop System) can prevent chops but not eliminate them, but no player reported chops (unless they outran the loader). The Ion can only do 17 BPS (but electronic boards are expected out that will push this to 25), while the Electra can do 20+ BPS, and some thought 30, but most didn't think it could go that fast. The ability of the Kingman Electra to run CO2 will save you money as compared to the Ion or Wrath. But you can use CO2 on an Ion with an anti-siphon tube. Many thought the Ion was better than the Electra, and better than any gun in its price range. There was no conclusion which gun was better, it was a shouting contest throughout the reviews. If you can, go test all three and see which you like. Whether or not the Ion is better than this Kingman Spyder, there was agreement that the Electra is a good gun. At this level of quality, it was the player's skill, not the gun, that decided who/what was better.

• The Electra ACS rocking trigger takes some getting used to. You either love it or hate it. It rocks back and forth instead of being pulled back.

• The batteries will charge in 5 hours with a normal charger; 1 hour with a fast charger.

• You need a fast hopper. Players suggested the Odyssey Halo B and ("Egg 2").

• Players thought the design was sexy and sweet.

• Most players thought that 30 BPS was overrated, and 20 BPS was maximum for the Spyder Electra. Even though the mechanism might be able to cycle 30 times a second, it can't shoot 30 balls per second. However, some thought it actually could do 30 BPS if the loader could keep up and your fingers were fast enough.

• Some players thought the Wrath was better than the Kingman Electra because the Electra has blowback while the Wrath and Ion do not. The Ion is electro-pneumatic.

• One player thought the Kingman Electra's rocking trigger was a gimmick. It can't really make it easy for anyone to shoot 30 BPS like they claim. Whether a regular or rocking trigger, you still tap it to get a shot. A rocking trigger could be a pain because you have to put each finger on either side of the rocking axis.

• There was controversy whether the Kingman's rocking trigger was tournament legal. One player said he asked Kingman, who said it was tournament legal nationally, but there may be local fields with rules that make it illegal. Another called Kingman and wrote NPPL and Golden Triangle: The gun is okay for NPPL and professional competition; he said "For the golden triangle, this gun is accepted only for the HIGH GAUGE, ONLY THE PROFESSIONAL CAN USE IT NOT THE NOOB." Hope that makes sense to you. Some players thought the 2-piece rifled stock barrel was accurate, others didn't.

• The Spyder Electra can be upgraded with a Scenario Dreams T-Board ( for about $65. This gives any E-Spyder marker breakbeam or bouncebeam eyes that can be disabled on the fly, a fully adjustable rate of fire capped at 36 bps semi-auto mode, and adjustable dwell and solenoid times, plus other features. Also check out the XSF E-Spyder Advantage Board for about $125 (, which gives the Spyder Electra a rate of fire limited only by the markers cycling rate.

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