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Kingman Spyder Imagine Select Paintball Marker Review


Spyder Imagine Select Paintball Marker
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The Kingman Spyder Imagine Select paintball marker is an electronic marker with semi-auto, 3-round burst, and full auto firing modes, with selection for rate of fire for burst and full auto, with LED light display format and IPI (intelligent pushbutton indicator) System 3.0, battery indicator, and Reactive Trigger Response.  Has a 9.5" barrel. It's designed with a Vizion™ rear cocking system, an expansion chamber with fore grip, a low pressure chamber, and a bottom line set-up with a stainless steel hose. Up to 13 shots/second on full auto. With two finger trigger. Includes a 9.6V rechargeable battery and AC charger. Operates on CO2 or compressed air.

Summary: The Kingman Spyder Imagine Select marker rarely chop balls, is light, shoots a fast 13 BPS, and has fast field strip. Upgrades and some tape can handle mechanical problems.


The following points have been compiled from various Imagine Select reviews. When you read a marker's reviews, patterns can be seen.

From 43 reviews:


• The Imagine Select very rarely chops balls.

• The Imagine is fairly light.

• The bolt on this Kingman Spyder is lighter than other bolts and has a third O-ring.

• This Spyder has fast semi-auto by walking the trigger.

• This Kingman Spyder has easy field strip.

• Upgradeable like all Spyders.

• This gun is fast, 14 balls per second (the Kingman spec is 13)

• The Kingman Imagine Select has the feel of a sub machine gun.



• The Spyder's electronics is not sealed and water or sand can get into the trigger frame easily; fix with tape.

• The 8" stock barrel on the Kingman Spyder is loud, short, and inaccurate; fix with an upgrade barrel.

Two players complained the plastic feed adaptor that comes with the gun breaks; upgrade to a metal one. One player said his marker came with metal.

Three players reported that a spring needed to be changed on the Kingman Spyder to avoid chopping balls; get a spring kit (maddman spring kit suggested).


• The Kingman Imagine Select needs an electric hopper to shoot full auto without chopping balls.

One player explained (since Kingman doesn't) the differences between the Kingman Imagine, and Kingman Imagine Select. The Select has a different cocking system that cocks to the right, instead of either way like the regular Imagine. The Select has a drop forward. The Select might have greater feet per second. The Select shoots pretty much the same as the regular. A better gun than the regular.

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