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Tippmann Custom 98 Paintball Marker Review

Custom 98
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The Tippmann Custom 98 combines all the features of the model 98, with the added ability of being customizable, able to accept the Flatline Barrel System, The Response Trigger System, the E-Bolt Electric System and the Comp-Air Low Pressure System. All these systems can be installed with the same tools you use to disassemble the marker.

The Custom 98 is a semi-automatic mechanical marker with 8.5" barrel, capable of a rate of fire of 11 rounds per second. Works with CO2. Has clamshell design, and a True .45 grip.

Summary: The Custom 98 is accurate, strong, reliable, built to last, and doesn't chop paintballs. Lacking a strip pin, it takes longer to strip, but it is easy enough to clean. The 8.5" barrel is loud and causes balls to curve, suggesting an upgrade.


The following points have been compiled from various Custom 98 reviews. When you read a marker's reviews, patterns can be seen.

From 50 out of 2029 reviews:


• The Custom 98 is upgradeable, probably more than any other marker. Allows the marker to grow with the player.

• The Tippmann is accurate.

• The Custom 98 is easy enough to clean.

• Strong, reliable, built to last, many fields use Tippmanns as rentals. You can kick them, drop them, or use them in rain, and they keep working.

• The Custom 98 can shoot liquid or gas CO2, so will work in colder climates. You don't need to buy HPA.

• So many own this marker, there will always be a fix for whatever problem.

• This marker doesn't chop paintballs.

• The barrel of this gun can be squeegied without taking it off.

Side cocking prevents you from getting hit in the mask with the blowing back bolt.

Less recoil of the Custom 98 (due to a heavier body) allows more accuracy. It's easier to keep on target when rapid firing.

• The Tippmanns iron sights (made of plastic) are easy to use, and with a CO2 bottle are well placed.

• The Custom 98 comes in white or black, both of which are not reflective or glossy, and blends in well with backgrounds.


• The Custom 98 is not as easy to strip as guns with a strip pin.  At first it takes 30 - 45 minutes to strip, oil, and reassemble, but with practice, 10 minutes. Field strip is not recommended but possible if you're careful. The two halves come apart exposing all the insides, and parts tend to go flying. You need to know where they go.

• This gun is pretty long; with the 12" barrel and CO2, it's 33" long. If you use a drop forward it's 27".

• The short stock 8.5" barrel causes balls to curve (one player suggested at 40-50 feet).

• The Custom 98 is a gas hog; an expansion chamber should improve this.

• The barrel is somewhat loud; a new barrel with more porting will improve accuracy and make it more quiet.


Consider buying the Tippmann A-5. It is an improved version of the Custom 98 which is also upgradeable. It costs $100 more. If you will likely be putting in $100 of upgrades to the 98,  it is worth considering. The A-5 is accurate with a stock barrel, and does not need a hopper.

• In Nov 2003, Tippmann changed barrel compatibility. Tippmann stated:

We changed the ID and OD of the receiver and the barrel threads of 98 Customs about two weeks ago. All guns with serial numbers above 495,501 will not accept the old style barrels. All barrels being made now, have the new style thread. However, all new barrels will also fit older guns regardless of serial number.
If you have an aftermarket barrel with the older style threads, it will not fit the new receiver. We suggest that you contact your supplier for a new style barrel that will fit. All barrel manufacturers were notified of the change long before we ever made any changes.

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