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Tippmann Pro-Carbine Semi Automatic Paintball Marker Review

Pro-Carbine Semi Automatic Paintball Gun

The Tippmann 68-Carbine and the Pro-Lite have been combined to produce the Pro/Carbine. The Features include an all weather CVX valve, a true .45 grip frame and a micro honed barrel. The extreme durability of the Pro-Carbine and its reputation for reliability make it the choice marker for law enforcement training and field rentals.

Summary: The Tippmann Pro-Carbine is a rugged, durable, reliable, gas efficient semi-automatic mechanical marker. It can be a little big and heavy, the stock barrel is a bit loud an inaccurate, and the rate of fire is reported to be about 7 to 9 BPS. The trigger pull is long and heavy, but can be fixed. This is a good beginners gun, not recommended for speedball due to a lower rate of fire.


The following points have been compiled from various Pro-Carbine reviews. When you read a marker's reviews, patterns can be seen.

From 25 out of 387 reviews:


• The Pro-Carbine is durable and reliable, solid construction.

• This Tippmann is accurate with an aftermarket barrel.

• It is possible to get parts for this gun because many fields use them for rentals.

• The Pro-Carbine has good gas efficiency (700 - 900 shots from a 12 oz. tank).

• This Tippmann doesn't chop balls.



• This marker can get heavy, and long if you have a 14" barrel, making it hard to maneuver around corners.

Upgrades may be a little hard to find, but they are available. And, there isn't that much you need to do with it.

• The Pro-Carbine barrel is loud; get a ported barrel.

• The main complaint about this Tippmann marker is the trigger, which is a bit hard to pull.

Those few that commented on maintenance, noted it was a bit annoying to take apart. It takes 5+ minutes to take apart, but it does not need to be cleaned often.


• Many fields use this Tippmann because of its durability and reliability.

• The Pro-Carbine is comfortable to shoot and has the feel of a rifle.

• According to one player, to reduce the trigger pull to about 3 lbs, get an SL68II trigger spring.  Get the lower receiver mods at and use the trigger pull mod which will reduce the trigger pull length a lot.

One player suggested that the stock hammer is rather loud but is easily fixed by getting a mouse pad, cutting a circle from the foam, putting a hole in the middle of it, then putting it on the valve face.

A lot of players thought this gun was for woodsball, not for speedball due to its slower rate of fire, though some used it effectively for speedball.

The barrels of the Pro-Carbine are compatible with the A-5.

If you want a gun that you can add a lot of upgrades to, this Tippmann marker is not the gun for you.

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