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Empire Reloader Paintball Hopper Review


Reloader Paintball Hopper
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The Empire Reloader paintball hopper is a sound-activated electronic paintball hopper capable of 13-15 BPS rate of fire. Sound activation means that as soon as it hears the gun fire, the motor will turn on to feed another paintball. It doesn't wait to sense a vacancy in the feed port like other hoppers that use an optical sensor eye. The sound activation is not affected by ambient sound, and has auto-adjust sensitivity. The Reloader uses an agitator, and is not considered a force feed hopper. Push button on/off. 200 ball capacity. This Empire has a low-battery indicator.

Summary: For paintballing at speeds up to 13 BPS, the Reloader does an excellent job. This makes it suitable for most mechanical paintball markers, and some electronic markers.


The following points have been compiled from various Reloader paintball hopper reviews. When you read a hopper's reviews, patterns can be seen.

From 50 out of 200 reviews:


• The Reloader is easy to clean.

• This Empire hopper is fast, never misfeeds, and always agitates on every shot. There are no paintball chopping issues.

• The Empire is light weight.

• This hopper has good battery life. A fresh set will last 5,000+ shots.

• The Reloader has a small target area.

• This loader is rugged, made from strong plastic, and capable of taking direct fire, but one player reported a broken feed neck.

If a paintball breaks in the hopper, since it is sound activated you can keep firing, as compared to hoppers with sensor eyes that might be fooled by the paint.

• One of the best hoppers: $55


One player reported the hopper can turn off without you knowing it. Another player who plays scenario/military tactics and waits in hiding for hours, gave away his position when he pressed the on button and the hopper cycled.

• Empire's customer service isn't that good; you can call NPS instead.

• One player using a Tippmann Custom 98 complained that the Reloader won't sit still when he fires. Suggestion was to use tape.


• If you have a mechanical gun, there is no need to get a faster hopper since you will not be able to outshoot this Empire.

Every time you shoot, the hopper agitates for half a second. It turns off after about 30 minutes of inactivity.

The Reloader is smaller, lighter, cheaper, holds the same amount of paintballs, and is a little faster than the Odyssey Halo. It is also cheaper and faster than the Viewloader Revolution.

• One player reports this Empire loader is quiet. It makes a whirring sound when it spin that is not noticeable, but some report it is a bit on the loud side.

When you get down to the last 20 or 30 paintballs, you may have to shake the marker to get the paintballs to resettle down to the feed neck, or it will misfire. This is common with most agitator designs.

• The Reloader requires two 9 volt batteries.

Make sure the impeller is on the right way when you receive it. You may have to flip it over.

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