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Odyssey Halo B Paintball Hopper Review


Halo B Paintball Hopper
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The Odyssey Halo B is one of the fastest paintball loaders. It uses a spring driven, true force feed, ball stack which not only keeps the stack in tact at all times, but also provides instantaneous acceleration when a ball is needed. The infrared sensor system monitors the motion (acceleration and deceleration) of the ball stack and keeps the drive spring wound. The faster you shoot, the faster HALO feeds.  Any type of AA battery can be used, from NiMH rechargeable to the cheap discount brands. Lithium's provide the longest life and are very light. A Rip Drive Kit and Victory Board are available upgrades.

Summary: For paintballing at speeds to 22+ BPS, the Halo B is one of the fastest hoppers, but it is a bit heavy, requires sanding/grinding to fit your marker, can't handle dark paint. Mechanical issues of earlier models seem to have disappeared in the later ones.


The following points have been compiled from various Halo B paintball hopper reviews. When you read a hopper's reviews, patterns can be seen.

From many reviews:


• This Odyssey hopper has a very fast 22+ BPS feed rate, very difficult to outshoot it in semi-automatic mode.

• Good customer support from Odyssey.

• The Halo can shoot 8 to 10 cases of paintballs on one set of batteries.

• The center-mount neck of this Odyssey loader allows it to be well balanced on the gun.

• The shape allows a large amount of paintballs with a small profile.

• The Halo B is not cheap: $130


• This Odyssey loader is heavier than most other loaders.

• The hopper was intentionally designed with a large feed neck requiring sanding or grinding to fit the marker. It is so fat that sanding will drive you mad, but another player thought that while sanding was tedious, it was worth it to have a perfect fit to avoid jamming and double-feed issues. Take some 100 grit sandpaper and sand the feed neck down.

• The Halo B cannot handle dark paint; the eye cannot see it. This can be a major problem if the tournament you are at only sells dark paint.

• The on/off button is hard to use. Press to turn on, press and hold to turn off. It can be difficult to tell if it is on or off, and with gloves on it can be a challenge to get it on while under fire.


• For WDP Angel owners, the Halo B feeds balls into the gun with so much force that the marker components will wear out, or you will just chop balls. One player suggested greasing the feed belt to reduce the torque from the motor. Halos seem to be a problem for Angels; the feed is so strong it feeds right past the detents and double feeds during high rates of fire, but apparently it works for most other guns with regular detents. Another player with an Angel suggested unscrewing the ball detent a little bit. Another suggestion: Take the detents out and stretch out the springs. The best advise may be to not use this hopper with an Angel, though a lot of Angel owners use the Halo B. Another player said that the Halo B has few force-feed problems with closed-bolt guns.  Several suggested buying a Cobra Indestructdetent to solve the Angel's problem, or if you have a gun with dual ball detents, then don't worry about it. Two players suggested that the height of the feed neck may be important, and using a low rise will reduce the pressure on the ball stack, making it suitable for use with Angels. Or, buy a Viewloader eVlution II ("egg 2") with Z board; you get nearly the same feed rate without the problems. One player summarized: Halos are fine on Angels; you just need new detents.

• Two players suggested changing the 6 AA batteries with a 9V instead to make it lighter, though Odyssey does not recommend this; it worked fine for them, but change the battery asap when you get the battery low color.

• The Halo holds 180 balls, compared to the egg 2 which holds 200.

• The Halo is force fed so get good paint, otherwise if one breaks then the halo will turn into a blender and send paint down the feed neck.

• The newer Halo B (as of August 2003) comes with "Z-Code" software which helps fix jams. One player said that with Z-Code this was the most hassle free loader he has ever used. This software senses when there is a jam, tries three times to clear it, and if it can't then stops the motor and flashes the LED red and green to tell you to clear the jam. The old software would burn out the motor or bust the paintball. You can upgrade to Z-Code; see

• The design is fairly simple; if you get paint inside it you'll have an easy time cleaning and reassembling. The Halo's shell is made out of quite strong plastic, and will survive knocks and drops. However, one player reported that his Halo's paddle broke twice, he experienced numerous jams, and the shell broke twice, all within 6 months (a few players reported shell problems, but it was not an issue in the reviews). He suggested that the Empire Reloader B is better because of the sound activated board, the option to use 4 AA batteries instead of 6, and the blinking light to let you know that it is on (no more guessing). Still, he thought the Halo B to be second best only to the Empire Reloader B.

• The Halo's motor is fairly quiet, you can't hear it when it is feeding.

• Your Halo A can be upgraded to the B version for $30. See

• Get the Halo's user manual and parts information from

• Consider getting the Rip Drive Kit; it was originally conceived for tournament players who have to be in the game. It is available to anyone that wants a backup system if their force feed system goes down or their batteries die. By rotating the ripdrive located on the bottom of the loader, you can feed multiple balls into the ballstack at a time, allowing you to keep playing (at full fire rate). Depending on the height of your feedneck, you can pre-tension as many as 12-15 balls for firing. You can also unload a ball-stack, and chrono without turning on your loader. To upgrade your Halo B, see

• A Victory Board will allow you to adjust the speed of the Halo B to match the speed of your gun, up to 35 BPS.

• While earlier reviews reported problems, the later reviews expressed satisfaction with this Odyssey loader. Apparently, the bugs have been solved.

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