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Odyssey Halo TSA LED Paintball Hopper Review


Odyssey Halo TSA LED Paintball Hopper Review
Halo TSA LED Paintball Hopper
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The Odyssey Halo TSA (Tilt Sound Activation) LED paintball hopper is an agitating loader capable of about 14 BPS feed rate. The Halo LED is sound activated, and agitates on the firing sound of your marker. If you lean left, the Halo's paddle will spin right; if you lean right, the Halo's paddle will spin left to push the balls towards the feed port. Requires two 9 volt batteries. Available in black, clear, or smoke. Available in two capacities: Frontman (150 paintballs), and Backman (210 paintballs).

Summary: The Halo TSA LED is a fast hopper that doesn't break paintballs at speeds of 14+ bps, and can carry a large payload. It is a little heavy, and a little loud. Controversial durability; some swore by its ruggedness, for others it was fragile.


The following points have been compiled from various Halo TSA LED paintball hopper reviews. When you read a hopper's reviews, patterns can be seen.

From 25 or 85 reviews:


• The TSA feeds fast, 14 balls per second (two players stated 16 bps).

• This Odyssey hopper doesn't chop balls.

• The TSA LED never misses a beat; you pull the trigger and the ball is waiting there.

• The Halo LED Holds 240 rounds, 40 or 50 more than the Empire Reloader. It is thin and long.

The lid on the TSA LED is flat so you can keep you gun level when loading balls.

• The Halo is easy to use.

• Not cheap: $70


• The spinning action of the LED is loud, louder than a Viewloader Revolution.

• Paint can get in the shell of the Halo making it hard to clean unless you take the shell off.

• The TSA LED is heavy.

• The Halo hopper is a little loud but not a big deal.

• The TSA LED sits a little high above the Cocker.

• The Halo TSA Gets dirty easily.

• The TSA LED is a little too sensitive to sounds.


• There was controversy whether the Halo could really feed 14 bps. One player said that no gravity fed hopper can exceed 13.3 bps due to physics, without giving any reasoning. But see here for calculations that show the theoretical maximum is 33 bps.

• When you fire your gun, the sound activates the loader. You do not have to wait for an eye to sense a missing ball.

• This Halo fits the Cocker feed neck.

• One player thought the LED was quieter than the Empire Reloader.

• This Halo LED can keep up with the Tippmann 98C with response trigger, and the Kingman Spyder Fenix on full auto at 13 bps, and the Kingman Spyder Imagine at 13 bps full auto.

• You press the button once to turn the Halo on. Hold the button until the LED comes on to turn it off.

• The TSA LED is somewhat small for some guns; get a Dye hopper spacer.

• One player said the batteries on the TSA will last forever (supposedly 20,000 rounds), but another player said it eats up batteries pretty quickly (less than a day). A third player said it doesn't drain batteries like the Halo B. Another said the batteries lasted him for 6 months; the unit automatically shuts off after a while to conserve batteries.

• Make sure there are at least 20 balls in the hopper, or the bottom ones will bounce around.

• There was a lot of controversy about the durability of the Halo. Some swore by its ruggedness, others had problems. One player said the neck cracked in three places. Don't tighten the elbow so tight that the neck is being crushed. Some players report the Halo is tough and durable, doesn't break or crack even when taking dead-on hits. Others report not; one said the construction of the LED is pathetic, after going through three shells of normal use. One reported that his lid broke off; he called the Halo fragile, and was rebuked by a player who said the Halo is known for being one of the strongest shelled hoppers available.

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