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Viewloader eVLution II ("egg 2") Paintball Hopper Review


eVLution II Paintball Hopper
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The Viewloader eVLution II paintball hopper is a force feeding 12 volt electronic hopper with a 6-blade propeller, capable of up to 19 BPS feed rate. A spring-loaded door that curves down acts as a funnel for faster fills and less spills. The Viewloader has a longer neck, easy cleaning design, LED low battery indicator, IR sensor to control  the propeller, and battery saving circuitry. Comes in black or clear (one player reports it also comes in smoke).

Summary: For paintballing at speeds up to 17 BPS, and 22 with an optional Z-board, this hopper has it where it it counts, in spite of mechanical issues. It works, and it works well. Beware about weight distribution, it will make your gun more back-heavy, which is good if your gun is already front-heavy. If you have a low-speed cheap paintball gun, consider a cheaper hopper.


The following points have been compiled from various eVLution II paintball hopper reviews. When you read a hopper's reviews, patterns can be seen.

From 40 out of 275 reviews:


• The eVLution II has adjustable feed rate control of 4 to 17 BPS; set it to the minimum necessary to conserve batteries by tightening or loosening a screw.

• The Viewloader is reliable and fast feeding without chopping or breaking paintballs.

• The lid opens downwards instead of upwards, which greatly assists in loading paintball pods since it acts as a funnel in which to pour the paintballs into.

• The eVLution II is almost completely silent.

Several players report the hopper is durable. It had been shot a few times with no marks, indents, or cracks. One fell from an 8 foot shelf onto concrete. Another had a couple of harsh incidents, one involving a rock. One dropped down a hill and hit rocks. They all survived. Those who complained that the hopper wasn't durable were chastised by other players who took the position that those problems were lemons, bad luck, abuse, or the result of bad or cheap paintballs.

• The eVLution II has a higher paintball capacity than other hoppers; 235 paintballs.

• This Viewloader will feed at a near sideways angle (good for warping).

• Not cheap at all: $85


• The eVLution II has a large profile; a low rise is recommended if you can use one on your marker. You can sand or cut it down (one player cut 1-1/2 inches off) to shorten it. Barrel condoms are difficult to put over and around the hopper.

The eVLution II's battery compartment requires a spacer which players report is a pain. Batteries are hard to put in.

The lid design of the eVLution II makes it difficult to fill the hopper full without spilling paintballs. The lid is so low, the marker must be angled down to keep the paintballs in the hopper. The lid is able to break paintballs when being opened, especially when full. But some liked the lid acting as a funnel to load paintballs.

The eVLution II's flimsy battery door might open on its own and batteries can fall out. And it tends to break. One player reported that many players on the field have taped the door to keep it in place.

A couple of players reported it is kind of hard to tell if the Viewloader is on or off because of the switch, but another reported that you can hear it come on.

Some players report bad customer service from Brass Eagle, the manufacturer of the Viewloader.

The pull point to open the Viewloader's lid could be bigger to accommodate gloves. Some players taped an attachment to the lid for something to grasp with a glove.


The eVlution II has the shape of an egg, and is referred to as the "egg II" or "evo2"; the Revolution, or "revy" is the previous and original "egg".

The Viewloader has a 6-blade flexible propeller that feeds paintballs into the feed neck. It has an IR eye to monitor if there are any paintballs in the neck. If not, the propeller will be turned on, and stops when paintballs are in the neck. An auto power-off will occur after 60 minutes of no operation. You can turn it back on by toggling the power switch.

This hopper fires 35% faster than its predecessor, the Revolution. The feed neck has been lengthened and strengthened compared to the Revolution, though some thought it "felt" weak and can be broken if abused too much, but there were no reports of the neck breaking.

Several players thought the springs on the eVLution's lid were too strong. You can be loading some paintballs from a bag and the lid will snap shut. To fix, remove the springs; the lid will still lock closed.

The stock hopper with the Y-board only shoots to about 16 or 17 BPS (the manufacturer specs 19). The Z-board improves this to between 20 and 23 BPS (depending on which player review). Don't upgrade to a Z-board unless you need the speed, otherwise it is a waste.

Two players commented that this hopper has the feed neck at the very front, which will distribute the weight to the back. One of these players specified that this is good for front heavy markers such as the Spyders, Tippmanns, Piranhas, etc. to balance them out, but markers that are already a little back heavy, such as the 'Cockers and the '03 Shocker, it can be a nightmare.

• Cleaning the eVLution II was not much of an issue in the reviews. One player said it was easy to clean because you can get your hand inside the Viewloader with a rag, but two players thought the design made cleaning extremely annoying.

One player reported that without an adapter of some sort, the neck is WAY too thick to fit into most stock vertical feed necks. You need a locking/tightening feed neck to make it fit.

• The Viewloader requires two 9-Volt batteries.

There is controversy whether or not the Viewloader is FORCE fed or GRAVITY fed; some say it's in between.

One player suggested using this hopper for vertical feed, but not power feed.

The eVLution II is $40 less than the Odyssey Halo B paintball hopper, shoots almost as fast, is lighter, has a toggle on/off, and has a stronger shell.

If you get a black Viewloader, the enemy won't be able to see how many paintballs you have left, but you can see through the clear lid on back.

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