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Viewloader Revolution 12 Volt Paintball Hopper Review


Revolution 12 Volt Paintball Hopper
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The Viewloader Revolution 12 Volt paintball hopper is a 12 volt electronic agitating feed loader (requires two 9 volt batteries). Its four blade propeller is capable of up to 10 to 12 BPS feed rate. The Viewloader's anti-jam mechanism agitates the paintballs when the feed neck becomes empty. 200 paintball capacity. The Revolution is available in Black Onyx, Diamond Clear, Sapphire Blue, Ruby Red, Emerald Green, Smoke Crystal, Chameleon Purple/Green, and Chameleon Red/Gold.

An all new circuit board called the X-BOARD provides better response time, motor speed, and battery life. This board is available for upgrading earlier versions of the 12 volt Revolution.

Summary: For paintballing at 10 to 12 BPS, this has been a good hopper for a lot of players, but whether you can get a reliable one that doesn't break feed necks, shells, and lids, is a question. There is a great deal of controversy about the durability of the Revolution 12 Volt, which seems to depend on the date of manufacture.


The following points have been compiled from various Revolution 12volt  paintball hopper reviews. When you read a hopper's reviews, patterns can be seen.

From 40 out of 355 reviews:


• The Revolution is battery efficient, long life.

• This Viewloader serves its purpose (and nothing more).

• The Revolution is able to keep up with your trigger finger, but you can outshoot it if you try.



• The Revolution is a bit heavy.

• Brass Eagle, the manufacturer of the Viewloader, has poor customer service.

• It's a pain to clean the inside of the Revolution if a paintball breaks in there, but its not often you have a break in there.


• There was major controversy about whether the hopper is reliable or not. Some players insist that the feed neck breaks, the lids break off, and the shell is weak. One player's hopper had a hole put into it when it got hit by a paintball. Other players counter that there is no problem with the hopper; those with problems either tighten the neck too tight so it cracks, tighten it too loose so it falls out or gets banged around and gets cracked, or treat the equipment poorly by slamming the hopper into bunkers etc.  A lot of players report rough use and no problems. Plus, many of the pros use this Viewloader. Just don't drop it on the feed neck, it will break.

• One player suggested not buying any Revolution from the year 2002 and after; if you can get an earlier one, it is a much better product. Another player stated (March 2004) that the latest production of the Revolution has fixed the problems. The controversy may be due to the date of manufacture; both sides of the controversy may be right.

• According to one player, an earlier version of this Viewloader had weaker plastic that could easily break. This has been fixed by Brass Eagle.  Make sure the plastic has a sand paper type finish; if it is smooth plastic it is the old, easily breakable model.

One player stated this is the best hopper out there for the $$$, but the lid breaks easily so be prepared to shell out five extra dollars for a Viewloader VL200 gravity fed hopper to take the lid from.

• The Viewloader's sensor can't read black paint, so use any color paint other than black.

For about the same price, the Empire Reloader may be a better choice.

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