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Zap Mach 404 Paintball Hopper Review


Mach 404 Paintball Hopper
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The Zap Mach 404 paintball hopper is an electronic sound-activated agitated hopper. Capable of 9 - 11 BPS feed rate, the Mach 404 requires one 9 volt battery. 200 ball capacity. Comes in clear and black.

Summary: For paintballing up to 11 BPS, this is a very good electronic hopper if you need a low price. Though it has some mechanical issues, it does its job well if you don't over or under load it.


The following points have been compiled from various Mach 404 paintball hopper reviews. When you read a hopper's reviews, patterns can be seen.

From 30 of 54 reviews:


• The Mach 404 has good battery life.

• This Zap loads pretty well, never jams a ball.

• The Zap 404 doesn't break paintballs.

• The Zap is light weight.

• Zap provides good customer service.



• The 404 has poor performance when the hopper has fewer than about 10 or 20 paintballs; the vibrator actually pushes the paintballs away from the feed hole when it is low on paintballs.

• You can't fill your hopper all the way or it will jam or break paintballs.

• The workmanship of the Zap Mach is a little too crude. The plastic seems kind of thin and cheap, but it doesn't shatter when hit (but it cracked for one player).

• A lot of players thought the hopper was a bit large.

• There are a few complaints about the Zap 404's battery compartment. It isn't big enough for some batteries, and the cover won't fit over it.


• The 404 uses a vibrator to keep the paintballs from jamming at the feed tube. The vibration only occurs when you fire your gun (it's sound activated). Most players did not consider the Zap Mach's vibration bothersome or too loud; it blends into the kick. But one player complained he couldn't hear an opponent yell he was tagged out when it was vibrating after a shot (the vibration only lasts for a second). Another suggested that it might throw off your aim, though he didn't have a problem with it. One player suggested putting a piece of tape on the very top of the Zap 404's vibrating piece; then there is practically no sound at all.

• The neck of the 404 will probably have to be wrapped with electrical tape to fit snug in your elbow.

• At 9 - 11 BPS maximum rate, the Zap Mach can't keep up with the fastest that you can pull the trigger. Some players report feed rates up to 13 BPS.

One player suggested this hopper won't work on low pressure guns because they have too little recoil to fire the hopper.

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