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JT USA Axiom FX-10 Thermal Paintball Mask Review

Axiom FX-10 Thermal Paintball Mask
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The JT USA Axiom FX-10 Thermal paintball mask has a 290 lense for unparalleled peripheral vision, and a Quick-Lok lens locking system for quick replacement of the lense.

Summary: Excellent field of view, fast lense swap system and non-scratch thermal lense makes for quick and easy cleaning of the Axiom FX-10 between games. This mask can't be used in the rain, and fogging is a problem for many.


The following points have been compiled from various Axiom FX-10 Thermal paintball mask reviews. When you read a mask's reviews, patterns can be seen.

From 13 reviews:


• Huge view, the peripheral vision of the JT USA Axiom is so large you can't see the side edges of the mask.

• The FX-10 has a quick and easy to clean lense that takes just a few seconds. One player reports that it requires practice; you could break the Axiom if you are in a hurry or not careful. Suggested having a spare lense. He also said that the inside of the lense is not fragile and can be cleaned with a clean paper towel without scratching it. You can really clean the lense between games and start each game with a clean mask.

• The Axiom FX-10 has good vocals due to vent holes near the mouth; good audio.

• The JT USA Axiom has a small compact profile (which means your neck and throat are open for hits; use a neck guard).

• The JT USA FX-10 is made of solid plastic providing good protection.

• Not cheap: $75


• The FX-10 doesn't fog for most. For one player it fogged occasionally, who fixed it with JT USA anti-fog spray. Another reported the Axiom fogged badly, and anti-fog plus a fan wouldn't help. Yet another reported the Axiom would be dripping wet inside the mask. One player summed it up: The mask doesn't fog easily, but it will fog in the right conditions.

• The Axiom FX-10 is somewhat heavy.

• Two players said not to use the JT USA Axiom in the rain. The lenses are not vacuum sealed, but are held together by foam which will suck up liquid, rendering the thermal lense useless. It will only evaporate with time. Do not place the lense under running water. You cannot rely on this mask in all weather conditions; have a backup mask.

• Hard plastic on the back where the strap is, makes the FX-10 uncomfortable. Add some foam to make it really comfy, and wear a cap backwards, or a thick beanie.

• Replacement lenses for the JT USA FX-10 are not as easy to find as other masks.


• Players report there are two versions of this mask. The "FX-10" comes with a fog-resistant lense; the "FX-10 Thermal" comes with a better thermal lense. No information about this can be found on JT USA's website.

One player reported the Axiom does not flex (implying it won't bounce paintballs), and has good protection. It is good for woodsball.

• One player reported the JT USA FX-10 has adjustable slots for awesome ventilation. Another liked the ventilation, though a third player reported poor ventilation.

• Two players reported they were able to install a JT USA Vortex fan (with some work), though it is not made for it.

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