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JT USA Elite Headshield Paintball Mask Review

Elite Headshield Paintball Mask
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The JT USA Elite Headshield paintball mask is an entry level mask that offers full coverage protection with comfort.

Summary: The JT USA Elite provides full protection of the head, never fogs for most, has good field of view, and good sound and ventilation. The Elite is made from hard plastic so you won't bounce balls. Difficult to take apart, the Headshield is a good beginners mask.


The following points have been compiled from various Elite Headshield paintball mask reviews. When you read a mask's reviews, patterns can be seen.

From 59 reviews:


For many players, the Elite Headshield never fogs up; for some it does if your really sweat and are breathing hard.  A thermal lense and JT USA Vortex fan will improve it if necessary.

Everyone agrees the JT USA Headshield provides full protection, covers all of your head.

• The chin strap ensures that the JT USA Elite will stay put in the toughest of dives and slides.

The complete protection gives confidence and a sense of security against being shot in the back of the head. If you fear getting hit on the head, the fear will disappear. You don't get hurt from a hit on the head.

Field of view for the Elite is good.

• The Headshield has good sound acoustics, though a little muffled.

• The Elite Headshield has good ventilation.

• $40


• The Elite has a somewhat large profile.

• The Headshield is not for competition because paintballs will break and not bounce off, and it's a bit big.

• The JT USA Headshield gets a little hot.

Hard to get a comfort fit when wearing glasses.

Some report the mask is a little heavy.

Some report the foam of the Headshield around the eyes is hard and irritates the skin. One reported that after five games, the foam softened from use.

The goggles are integrated into the helmet of the JT USA Elite; you have to remove a lot of junk in the way to clean it; or you can just hose the JT USA Headshield down with hot water.


One player suggested an alternative to the Elite is to get an open backed mask, and get County Paintball's "Head saver". It's padded and a lot more comfortable.

When you move around, the air circulation does a good job of preventing fog in the JT USA Elite. Fogging tends to occur when you are sitting idle.

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