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JT USA Proflex Paintball Mask Review

Proflex Paintball Mask
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The JT USA Proflex paintball mask is preferred by professional players. The Proflex has a thermal lense, and you can buy different replacement parts like frame and straps. A rigid upper mask provides protection with a soft lower part to conform and move. Available in lots of colors.

Summary: This JT USA mask is made for the pros who aren't so concerned with protection as they are about being shot out. Strong in the important features, there are concerns about mouth/chin protection, and difficult lense change.


The following points have been compiled from various Proflex paintball mask reviews. When you read a mask's reviews, patterns can be seen.

From 95 reviews:


• The Proflex is extremely light; many report it is easy to forget you are wearing it. For most the mask is very comfortable; a few report it isn't. The Proflex does not hurt the ears like other masks.

• This JT USA mask has good breathability.

• The Proflex is durable.

• The thermal lense totally eliminates fogging on this mask.

• The Proflex is made of soft rubber which is good for making paintballs bounce; many report the mask does bounce paintballs.  One player tested the bouncing ability of the earpiece, and found that about 4 paintballs out of 12 bounce.

• The JT USA mask has good vision, good field of view, 260.

• This JT Proflex mask has easy to clean lenses.

• Many different frame colors, lenses, and straps available.

• Parts on this mask are interchangeable with the JT USA Flex 7's and other spectra lenses.

• The JT Proflex's soft ear protection allows for great hearing, and the folding mouth guard allows you to talk with clarity.

• $50


• The Proflex doesn't cover much of your jaw line if you have a regular size head, and doesn't give much protection to the jaw bone. If you open your mouth, your chin can take a hit.

• A shot to the mouth might give you a sting on your chin or lips.

• Many report extreme difficulty in changing the lense of the JT Proflex, though a few found it easy.

• The foam ear pieces fell out for some, but they are easily glued (or stapled) back in.


• The JT Proflex is made for the pros who aren't so concerned with protection as they are about being shot out. The soft ear protection is meant to bounce paintballs, and for most players it also protects well. Many players expressed concern about getting hurt from the lack of protection provided by the JT Proflex on the ears, only to discover it doesn't hurt getting hit there, but a few did feel some pain. One player was hit in the ear from 10 feet and didn't feel anything and it bounced, but another player was hit from 10 feet, and after his ears stopped ringing he decided he didn't like soft ear protection. Yet another was hit from 50 feet; the pain was horrible and he had a swollen ear for weeks. If this is an issue, a few players suggested getting the JT USA Flex-7; identical to the Proflex, it has far better ear protection.

• Wearing a baseball cap under the JT USA mask provides a soft bouncing surface on the head.

A neck protector is needed to protect your neck.

• Several players report the uselessness of the JT Proflex's chin strap. If not used it will swing around. If used it pulls the mask downward and bothers you even more; some suggested removing it.  Others liked the chin strap, it prevented the mask from sliding up.

• The inside of the thermal lense will scratch easily; be careful when cleaning.

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