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JT USA Proteus II Paintball Mask Review

Proteus II Paintball Mask
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The JT USA Proteus II paintball mask is designed for maximum protection with a minimum target zone using close fitting. The Proteus II is designed for maximum communication and fog resistance. A radio communication system upgrade is available. Comes in two colors.

Summary: The JT Proteus II is comfortable, has excellent peripheral vision, little to no fogging, good audio, low profile, and good bounces. The Proteus II's lense is difficult to remove, there is not enough jaw protection for big heads, and some report the mask is hot and muggy.


The following points have been compiled from various Proteus II paintball mask reviews. When you read a mask's reviews, patterns can be seen.

From 50 out of 82 reviews:


• The JT Proteus II is very comfortable, light (though a few report it's a little heavy), the foam is soft but durable, you barely notice wearing it. Form fitting snug fit; no movement.  There is just enough padding so it won't hurt if you get hit.

• The JT USA mask has a wide field of view, 260 excellent peripheral vision.

• The Proteus II is easy cleaning, a wipe will remove paint without a smudge. Or a quick rinse with water.

• This mask does not fog unless you sweat like a horse or are breathing hard and its cold out. But one player reported fog just sitting in woodsball.

• It's easy to hear with the Proteus II, and you can easily be heard.

• This JT Proteus II offers a smaller target, low profile.

• Good bounces.

• The JT USA visor keeps the sun and rain out of your eyes.

• $85


• It is difficult to remove and replace the lenses on the Proteus II.

• If your mouth is wide open, your chin is exposed. Depending on the size of your head, the Proteus II may not provide enough jaw protection. The rubber part of the mask that protects your chin could be longer. Not much neck protection; get a neck guard.

• The JT Proteus II lense is a two-piece; water can get in.


• The JT Proteus II ADVANCED COMMUNICATION thing is a nice try, but only works a little; it is not very effective.

• Not a lot of breathing room, the mask is close to your face; this is a trade off with low profile.

• The Proteus II is a bit small if you have a big head.

• A few players report the JT Proteus II gets hot inside, others report it doesn't. A few report it tends to keep your re-breathed air inside the mask and can get muggy, but others say it is easy to breath with good ventilation.

Any hat (toque, sock hat, beanie, tourniquet, baseball hat, bucket hat, etc.) will fit under the JT Proteus II comfortably.

You can get a fan and tinted lense for this mask.

• One player's comment: Chicks like this mask; buy it!

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