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JT USA Spectra nForcer Paintball Mask Review

JT USA Spectra nForcer Paintball Mask Review
Spectra nForcer Paintball Mask
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The JT USA Spectra nForcer paintball mask provides wide range of vision and maximum air flow. It accommodates the full range of Spectra accessories including the Vortex fan, replacement straps, and lenses.

Summary: The Spectra nForcer is comfortable, light weight, has great vision, and doesn't fog, but bad ventilation makes it hot and hard to breath, it has bad audio, and it is very difficult to take apart.


The following points have been compiled from various JT Spectra nForcer paintball mask reviews. When you read a mask's reviews, patterns can be seen.

From 50 of 116 reviews:


• The Spectra nForcer has a clear lense and excellent 260 field of view.

• The Spectra version with thermal lense: never fogs up for most, though some report slight occasional fogging.

• The JT USA nForcer is comfortable and lightweight, fits securely, no jiggling or looseness. The foam is soft and doesn't itch.

• $45


• The main complaint reported by many players is that poor ventilation of the JT USA Spectra makes it hard to breath, and causes you to get hot and sweaty.

• Many complain that the nForcer is very difficult to take apart and put back together. Some suggest don't take it apart.

• The Spectra makes it hard for others to hear you, and difficult to hear others.

• The front of the mask is close to the mouth and nose, and cuts down on ventilation. One player drilled holes in the mask where the nose is, and it helped "tremendously" (but will he eat more paint?). Only one player reported injuries; he took a hit on the front of the nForcer, which pushed the mask into his nose and gave him a welt on the tip of his nose (300 fps field); he also got a bruise on the temple when hit on the side.


• You can wear glasses with this mask, but one player reported the edge of his glasses scratched the lense.

• One player reported the JT USA Spectra is not durable enough for an aggressive style of play; the removable panels broke off. Other players report it is durable.

• One player reports plastic screws are used to hold the pods onto the nForcer.

• A few players report that paintballs often bounce off the JT USA nForcer, especially the visor. One player stated that the Spectra is made of tough plastic and will break paintballs.

• Some report the JT Spectra nForcer provides sufficient neck protection, others report it was not very good.

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