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PMI X-Ray Paintball Mask Review


X-Ray Paintball Mask
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The PMI X-Ray paintball mask is manufactured for PMI by JT USA, and uses JT Elite lenses. It has a visor to provide shade. The mask comes in two versions, one with a thermal lense, the other without. 260 vision.

Summary: The X-Ray fogs, making it difficult to play. It is also uncomfortable, and has no peripheral vision. For beginners who may never play again, the X-Ray provides acceptable minimal protection, and it is cheap. For $10 more, you can get a mask that works.


The following points have been compiled from various X-Ray paintball mask reviews. When you read a mask's reviews, patterns can be seen.

From 50 out of 145 reviews:


• The X-Ray is cheap.

• The PMI is strong and durable.

• The X-Ray provides better neck protection than most. Protects the entire head.



When you get hit in the lense, it's hard to wipe off and just smears.

Paint likes to seep into the vents and cracks of the PMI, making it a messy cleanup.

• The lense on the X-Ray is not a thermal lense.

Two players report getting shot in the mouth; one got a fat lip, the other a numb lip; both tasted paint. Two others report getting paint in their eyes.

The mask fogs up if you breath heavy, or its cold or hot and humid outside.

The straps on the X-Ray don't hold their adjustment too well and the mask slips after a while and you have to readjust it.

For cleaning, the lenses on this PMI mask are tough to remove, and the plastic pieces that connect to the goggle are very difficult to get in.

The mask slides around constantly. Suggested: Wear a baseball cap backwards.

• This PMI is uncomfortable because of the sponge around the eyes.

• The X-Ray has no peripheral vision.


When this mask fogs up it is difficult to play. A more expensive mask is recommended.

For beginners who may never play again, it provides acceptable minimal protection, and it is cheap. It comes included with a lot of paintballing kits.

If you get hit on the mask, the plastic is hard and the ball doesn't bounce off; it's pretty much an automatic break.

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