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Proto Switch FS Paintball Mask Review


Proto Switch FS Paintball Mask Review
Switch FS Paintball Mask
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The Proto Switch FS paintball mask has a 1/4 turn snap lock system to keep the lense in place. Lenses can be replaced in seconds; comes with a thermal lense. Tiger tooth buckles secure the strap so they won't loosen during game play. Multi-directional venting. 250 degrees of vision. The Switch FS comes in choice of 6 colors.

Summary: An overall excellent mask, the Switch FS protects well without being overly bulky. This mask doesn't fog, provides quick lense change, is comfortable, breathable, and has good audio. Not intended for use with all types of eyeglasses.


The following points have been compiled from various Switch FS paintball mask reviews. When you read a mask's reviews, patterns can be seen.

From 48 reviews:


• Outstanding field of vision, the Switch doesn't obstruct peripheral vision at all. The lense is amazingly clear, it's almost invisible.

• This Proto mask has a dual-pane thermal lense: no fogging.

• The FS lense is very quick and easy to remove and replace.

• Its easy to hear through the mask.

• The Switch FS offers good paintball bounces. The rubber is so soft, it helps to bounce long shots, but adds a high level of protection.

• This Proto is comfortable; there is a nice amount of foam to soften the hits.

• The FS is breathable and has good ventilation.

• The Switch has excellent protection, good overall coverage with no open areas. The mask covers below the chin, around the neck, and behind the head. One player commented that taking a hit to the head was easier to take than a hit to the body. The structure of the mask keeps it from smacking you in the face.

• The Proto is a very tight form fitting mask.

• The Switch FS is easy to clean.

• $70


• This mask is not very compact.


• The Proto has a flex-rubber lower which trades protection (you may take an occasional paintball to the mouth, jaw, or neck) for a chance to bounce a paintball. The upper part of this mask is tough plastic.

• The Switch is a bit heavy, but not enough to make anyone care.

The strap is adjustable, so wearing head protection is possible with this mask.

• The olive color of the FS is good for woodsball.

• The Proto can be used with glasses if they are the right size; the mask worked for two players, but not for a third.

Many players suggest this is the best mask.

Note: There are three models of this mask: EL, FS, and HE. Neither Proto's website nor the user manual makes a distinction between the models. One player explained that the sides of the lens opening on the FS model are curved, and the sides of the lens opening on the EL are straight, and the lower part of the face protector on the EL model is molded as one piece, rather than the two-piece, two-color styling of the FS model. Another player explained that the FS has a soft shell, the EL a hard shell. Other than that, they appear to be the same, but the lense might be different.

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