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Raven NVX Paintball Mask Review

NVX Paintball Mask
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The Raven NVX Paintball Mask reviewed here provides distortion free clarity, fog and scratch resistance. The photochromic lense changes from clear to dark depending on the intensity of the sun.

Summary: The NVX functions unusually well, but has unusually bad maintenance and durability problems.


The following points have been compiled from various NVX paintball mask reviews. When you read a mask's reviews, patterns can be seen.

From 50 reviews:


• The NVX comes with extra padding that you can put anywhere (but it takes some work to get the padding to fit). Everyone agrees this is a very comfortable mask.

• This Raven has a very light, snug fit, and doesn't slip around.

• The photochromic lense of the NVX makes seeing easier and reduces glare. It will darken in about half a minute when it is bright out.

• The Raven has excellent field of view and peripheral vision.

• The NVX allows full circulation of air, it's easy to breath.

• Made of a flexible plastic, many paintballs bounce off the mask.

• Lots of venting on the Raven allows for good communication.

• $50


• This mask fogs up quite a bit for some, though a lot of players report it doesn't.

• The NVX is not very durable; one player's mask fell apart in a year.

• The foam padding doesn't stick well; sweat causes it to come off. Add extra superglue.

• One player reports that the lense of the NVX has a system of pull tabs to keep it in place, but for him the tabs didn't stay in well.

• Many report the side ear pieces of the Raven work their way loose after a while; put hot melt glue on the tabs that hold them in place. For one player, the plastic of the ear pieces snapped off (implying not repairable).

• Several players report the lense of the NVX likes to crack for no reason.

• Water and paint can soak through the foam and get between the lense layers and ruin the lense. Try to keep water and paint away.

• A lot of players complained that the Raven mask does not come in black. One player sprayed his black.

• Several players report it is impossible to find replacement lenses for the NVX, so don't scratch them.


• Some report that the lense on the Raven is easy to clean and easy to remove, but others report it isn't. One player explained that there are 10 little pins and two tiny screws to remove; it's easy but tedious.

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