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VForce Shield Paintball Mask Review

Shield Paintball Mask
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The VForce Shield paintball mask has a spherical lense for maximum peripheral vision, a thermo-cured anti-fog lense with HardCoat Anti-Scratch, narrow frontal area for hard-to-hit target, and throat guard that follows your moves. The Shield has a chin strap. Comes in 4 colors.

Summary: The Shield does everything well. Providing a lot of protection and clear vision, you will have to see if it fogs on you.


The following points have been compiled from various Shield paintball mask reviews. When you read a mask's reviews, patterns can be seen.

From 50 out of 197 reviews:


• The Shield fits over glasses.

• This VForce has a comfortable fit, doesn't slip. The special padding is soft rubber, not the cheap foam found in most masks that absorbs all your sweat.

• The Shield's visor is removable.

• The Shield's distortion free lense provides a huge field of vision.

• The VForce is very protective; protects everything except the back of the head.

• The lense on this mask is easy and quick to remove and clean. Pull two tabs and pull out the lense.

• This Vforce is easy to breath in.

• The straps on the Shield have a rubber grip to make sure they don't slip.

• $60


• Should you want to, it's hard to remove the Shield's visor; there are 4 O-rings that have to be removed from an awkward place. One player suggested you decide if you need the visor before going to the field, then live with that decision.

• One player said that the anti-fog coating of the Shield smears if any moisture or paint gets on it, and found it hard to clean the lense without smudging it. According to the manual you cannot use soap, only water, but one player suggested if you remove the paint and other debris and just soak it in hot water for a few seconds and let it dry, you will have no smudges and your lense will be clean and clear.


• There are three versions of the Shield: Standard, Rental, and Referee Yellow. The differences according to several players:
Rental: Has a hard foam liner and is not as comfortable as the standard version.
Standard: Much softer face foam than the rental, comes in different colors.
Referee: Same as standard, but available only in yellow.
The price differences of this VForce mask cannot be accounted for. If you don't know the differences, the safe thing is to get the standard mask.

• One player commented that the Shield's lense is not thermal, but has an anti-fog coating with a life of about 6 months of continuous weekend use. Another player suggested using Fogtech, and fogging will never be a problem.

• This VForce mask doesn't fog for most players, but does for some players and some conditions. Anti-fog liquid helped. One player said that if it is humid and over 100, the mask will fog.

• The Shield's hinged throat guard moves up when you look down and doesn't poke your neck. However, one player explained it uses a clip around your neck to keep it down, and if you put the clip on it limits your head movement so you can't lay on the ground with your head facing the ground. Another player said it was hard to look down. You can remove the Shield's throat guard if you don't like it.

• You don't get a lot of bounces from the VForce mask, but you do get some.

• One player found the VForce mask a little loose on the head. He had to mess with the mask a minute to get it snug, then it stayed put. Two players complained that the Shield slipped and wasn't very tight. Another player explained that the mask is designed to put some space between the mask and your face; this gap will prevent you from feeling the paintballs when they hit. If the gap makes for too large a profile, get a more expensive mask that hugs the face.

• Get a green mask if you play woodsball.

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