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Don't forget your protective paintball gear to make your game a safe experience.


While paintballing is one of the safest sports, it can only be so if you have the right protective paintball gear.

By now you have selected your paintball mask, but you should also consider other gear such as a neck guard or throat protector. Without it you could get a welt taking a hit on the neck, and it will prevent stray shots from causing serious injury to your larynx.

Neck Guard
Neck Guard

A chest protector will save you from unpleasant hits to the chest.

To be effective at paintballing you will need to slip and slide. Knee pads and elbow pads are excellent accessories.

An athletic cup is a good idea for guys, as are cushioned bras for girls.

Barrel Sock

You will need a barrel protector to prevent accidental firing. Barrel plugs once were used, but because people could shoot out those plugs, insurance mandated the use of barrel socks while playing on a field. The sock fits over the end of the barrel.

You will need an old long-sleeve T-shirt or jersey and a pair of old blue jeans since you will be running, sliding, crawling, and kneeling a lot. Baggy clothing is best for absorbing the energy of paintballs, reducing the chance of bruising, or even breaking paintballs.

Throat Protector
Throat Protector

Dark or camouflage clothing is best for woods play; light color clothing will give you away.

A hat or head wrap under your mask is good for keeping paint out of your hair. It may make your mask fit better, and also provides some protection from hits. It's not required though, and some kids like highlights, art, and stuff in their hair.

Gloves will absorb some of the impact when a paintball hits your hand, and protect you from scrapes when you slide.

Chest Protector
Chest Protector

Get some good shoes with traction, useful when your strategy is to bunker someone. Shoes with cleats work best. If you are playing in the woods, get shoes with good ankle support.

This pretty much covers the protection equipment you will need.

Knee Shin Guards
Knee Shin Guards







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