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Paintball Hopper Review helps you choose from dozens of paintball hoppers. We give you a short list to make selecting your paintball hopper easy.


In order to get the most out of your paintball marker, you need to match the hopper to the marker. This Paintball Hopper Review page will help you choose the best equipment.

All the hoppers listed below have been reviewed by various players and are good choices. Hoppers with significant problems have been excluded.

If your marker shoots under about 10 BPS (balls per second), a non-electronic gravity fed hopper should do.

Above about 10 BPS, you will need an electronic hopper in order to feed paintballs into the gun fast enough so that it won't misfire or chop them.

There are different types of hoppers. The non electronic hoppers rely on gravity feed to load the paintballs into the gun. There are agitated hoppers that stir up the balls so they will more easily fall. And there are force feed hoppers that have propellers that push the balls down into the gun's input port.

Tips for buying a hopper

• Choose a color that will not allow the enemy to see how many paintballs you have left.

• Choose a hopper that can feed faster than your gun (or your trigger finger) can fire.

Suggested Hoppers
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Gravity Feed Hoppers

1 to 14 BPS Electronic Hoppers

14+ BPS Electronic Hoppers

PMI 200

PMI 200
Gravity Feed Hopper, 5 BPS
Street price: $10
An excellent durable hopper
Read Review

Empire Reloader

Empire Reloader
Electronic Hopper, 13BPS
Street price: $55
An excellent hopper with no significant weaknesses
Read Review

Empire Reloader B

Electronic Hopper, 22BPS
Street price: $150
Excellent high feedrate hopper for high end guns. Doesn't chop balls. Pricey, the perfect blend of speed and reliability
Read Review


Odyssey Halo TSA LCD
Odyssey Halo TSA LCD
Electronic Hopper, 14BPS
Street price: $80
Excellent hopper with many features, some concern about durability
Read Review

Viewloader eVLution II

Viewloader eVLution II ("egg 2")
Electronic Hopper, 17BPS
(22BPS w/ Z-board)

Street price: $85
Works, and works well, despite some mechanical problems
Read Review


Zap Mach 404
Zap Mach 404
Electronic Hopper, 11BPS
Street price: $40
If you need a cheap price, this is a good hopper. Does its job well, though some mechanical issues
Read Review

Odyssey Halo B
Electronic Hopper, 22+BPS
Street price: $130
Excellent high feedrate hopper for high end guns. A little heavy, can't handle dark paint, requires sanding, an industry standard
Read Review

Recommended Sources

All the products reviewed on this site are available from one or more of the following:

They handle a lot of good equitment; its worth taking a look.

Paintball Guns at
Find a large selection to choose from at

Online Sports
The oldest and largest sports catalog on the internet, a large selection to choose from. Use their search box; enter "paintball gun", "paintball hopper", or whatever you are looking for.


Online Sports - Paintball Hoppers

All Paintball Hopper Reviews

Empire Reloader Hopper  (13 BPS, $55)
     Does an excellent job, suitable for most mechanical paintball markers and some electronic ones.
Empire Reloader B Hopper  (22 BPS, $150)
     An excellent high feedrate hopper for high-end paintball guns.  The perfect combination of speed and reliability.

Odyssey Halo B  (22+ BPS, $130)
     Excellent, one of the fastest hoppers, a bit heavy, requires sanding/grinding, can't handle dark paint.

Odyssey Halo TSA LCD Electronic Loader (14 BPS, $80)
     Sound activated, an excellent hopper with many features, some concern about durability; some players reported cracks in the feed port, and weak shells.
Odyssey Halo TSA LED Electronic Loader (14 BPS, $70)
     Sound activated, a fast hopper, doesn't break paintballs, can carry a large payload, a little heavy and a little loud. Controversial durability.

PMI 200 Round Hopper  (5 BPS, $10)
     A basic gravity feed hopper, holds about 200 paintballs.

ViewLoader eVLution II  ("egg2"; 17/22 BPS, $85)
     For 17 BPS (22 with optional Z-board), works and works well. Weight distribution issues, some mechanical issues.
Viewloader Quantum Electronic  (8 BPS, $30)
     More of a hassle than a benefit, has no sensor and never turns off, annoying noise.
ViewLoader 12 Volt Revolution  ("egg"; 10-12 BPS , $65)
     A good hopper for a lot of players, but durability of feed necks, shells, and lids, depends on date of manufacture.
ViewLoader VL 12 Volt Revolution Feeder Loader ( , $55)

Zap Mach 404 Electronic Loader  (11 BPS , $40)
     A very good low-price electronic hopper does its job well if you don't over/under load it. Some mechanical issues.


Fig Newton: The force required to accelerate a fig 39.37 inches/sec.



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