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PMI Premium Paintballs Reviewed

PMI Premium
Premium Paintballs
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The PMI Premium paintballs reviewed here are available in 500, 1,000, and 2,000 count boxes. They are made by RPS who was bought by PMI.

Summary: You can buy better paintballs than this, but not for the price. The Premium is great for recreational ball and woods play, but not for tournament. These paintballs have a reputation for being reliable and accurate.


The following points have been compiled from various Premium paintball reviews. When you read a paintball's reviews, patterns can be seen.

From 25 of 322 reviews:


• The Premium paintball does not break in your marker.

• Reasonably good price, $30/1000; $48/2000.


• There were some reports that these paintballs don't always break on the target. One player reports they only break consistently at velocities over 275 FPS.


• The Premium is good for recreational paintball, not tournament play.

There was no agreement whether the PMI Premium's fill was thin or thick; whether it was easy to wipe or hard to wipe; whether it would be absorbed into the clothing within 10-15 minutes (some complaints), or didn't stain; whether it worked well in cold weather or bounce and not break.

• Many report no dimples or flat spots, but one player reported he often had whole cases of the Premium that were dimpled, and another reported a few paintballs per bag were dimpled.

• There was one report that the shelf life of these paintballs is short.

• Most report a thick shell, the PMI paintball will bounce and not break; one reported a thin shell.

For tournament play, get Marballizer or Evil paintballs.

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