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Home - Paintball Gun Review Reviews of paintball guns from many players are digested into one. A short list of the best guns is provided.

32 Degrees Icon E
32 Degrees Icon LED
32 Degrees Icon Z

Brass Eagle Marauder

Diablo Inferno Heat
Diablo Mongoose
Diablo Sabotage Vertical
Diablo Wrath

JT USA Tetra

Kingman Spyder E-99 Avant
Kingman Spyder Electra ACS '05
Kingman Spyder Fenix
Kingman Spyder Imagine
Kingman Spyder Imagine Select
Kingman Spyder Pilot
Kingman Spyder Rodeo
Kingman Spyder TL-X
Kingman Spyder Victor II
Kingman Spyder Xtra

M3 Black Dragun Compact

PMI Piranha Eforce GTI
PMI Piranha Eforce R6

Psycho Ballistics Silver Bullet
Psycho Ballistics Silver Bullet LCD

Smart Parts Ion

Tippmann A-5
Tippmann Custom 98
Tippmann Pro-Carbine

Viewloader Orion
Viewloader Prodigy E-Grip
Viewloader Pro Series Maxis
Viewloader Pro Series Maxis RG

Zap Amp Generator
Zap Amp Reactor
Zap Amp Transformer

What You Should Know About Markers  In-depth information is given.

What You Should Know About Air Systems  In-depth information is given.

What You Should Know About Barrels  In-depth information is given.

Paintball Mask Review Reviews of paintball masks from many players are digested into one. A short list of the best masks is provided.

Brass Eagle Sentry

JT USA Axiom FX-10
JT USA Elite Headshield
JT USA Elite Nvader
JT USA Proflex
JT USA Proteus II
JT USA Spectra nForcer

Kingman Java V-Type


Proto Switch EL
Proto Switch FS

Raven NVX

VForce Armor
VForce Morph
VForce Shield

Paintball Hopper Review Reviews of paintball hoppers from many players are digested into one. A short list of the best hoppers is provided.

Empire Reloader Hopper

Odyssey Halo B Electronic Loader
Odyssey Halo TSA LCD Electronic Loader
Odyssey Halo TSA LED Electronic Loader

PMI 200 Round Hopper

ViewLoader eVLution II
Viewloader Quantum Electronic
ViewLoader 12 Volt Revolution

Zap Mach 404 Electronic Loader

Paintball Tanks Information about tank selection is given.

Paintballs Review Reviews of paintballs from many players are digested into one. A short list of the best paintballs is provided.

32 Degrees Team Colors

Diablo Formula 13
Diablo Heat
Diablo Nightmare

DraXxus Arctic Inferno
DraXxus Blaze
DraXxus Competitive Edge
DraXxus Dusk
DraXxus Hellfire
DraXxus Inferno
DraXxus Midnight
DraXxus Rec-Sport

JT USA Elite


PMI Premium

RPS Marballizer

Paintball Barrels Review Reviews of paintball barrels from many players are digested into one. A short list of the best paintball barrels is provided.

32 Degrees Carbon Fiber Barrel
32 Degrees Ice Cold Barrel
32 Degrees Nyte Stikk Barrel
32 Degrees Precision Barrel
32 Degrees Quiet Riot Barrel
32 Degrees Terminator Barrel
32 Degrees Whisper Barrel

Armson Pro-Series Barrel
Armson Stealth Barrel

Dye Aluminum Barrel
Dye Boomstick Barrel
Dye Excel ("Xcel") Barrel
Dye Stainless Steel Barrel
Dye Ultra Lite Barrel

Empire 4 Piece Barrel Kit
Empire Twister Barrel

J&J Ceramic Barrel
J&J Edge Barrel Kit
J&J Pro 1 Barrel

JT USA Two Piece Barrel

PMI Razzor Barrel

Powerlyte Aluminum Barrel
Powerlyte Stainless Barrel

Psycho Ballistics Aradus Barrel

Smart Parts Freak Barrel Kit
Smart Parts Teardrop Barrel

Tippmann Flatline Barrel for A5

Paintball Gear - Protection Information about paintball gear, especially for protection, is provided.

Paintball Accessories You will need ball tubes, squeegees, harnesses, and more.


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